How Anna and shopping made my day

It's been quite a normal day at uni to be honest, cool stuff have came once I got home: I got a letter I had been waiting for days: Anna's letter! *-*

Anna is a good friend of Peter, I met her when last summer when I was in MD. She's such a sweetheart and we even went to the mall together in a double date. I remembered she tried to buy popcorn for me but heh, I didn't let that happen c: (Sorry dear! <3). So we started snail mailing now, and she used this kawaii desu stationery I fell in love with sdfgthyjukijuhygtr <3 Thanks so sosososo much Anna, I'll write your letter back soon ;)

I also got this letter from Maria, another American snail mailer from South Carolina. She's studying Neurobiology and she's on the army at the same time, isn't it amazing? :) 

Sooooo, I went to ZARA this afternoon because I wanted some new fall clothes. I also wanted something more classy to wear and stuff, I realized I barely have formal clothes for go clubbing, so I bought this black blouse I fell in love with! I hate those blingy plates so I'm gonna unstitch them as soon as I wear it -__-

I also bought those floral jeggings I've been wanting for ages (err no, rather weeks, hehe...). So yeah, I'm happy now! I still want that yellow coat from H&M but I couldn't find it, so I guess I'll go tomorrow after class to get it. And if it's not... c: I'm jut gonna kill someone PHO REAL (?)

Soooooo appart from that... I'm happy! :D I just finished an essay I had to do for Japanese class, and I also finished my project for Asian Pre-Modern Thinking so... Whoo hoo! Feel relieved now. And oh! Oscar is gonna take a photoshoot of me on my old Battle Royale cosplay on Wednesday! I wanted to recycle it for Halloween and suddenly I realized I actually don't have a photoshoot wearing it so... Thanks in advance, Oscar ^-^ We're gonna take do it after class, since Thursday is a free day. Maybe we're doing something at night, but we still don't know what. We'll see though!

Enough post for today now! Once again, thank you all for reading and have a nice week!


CL <3

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  1. Hola, Claudia!
    Soy Chelo (@Cocki13 y @postcardsworld de instagram) y hace un par de días descubrí tu blog. ¡Me encanta! No he podido evitar hacerme nueva seguidora :)



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