When a bunch of letters and envelopes make your day

Today I got several letters, yay! <3 I'm so happy haha, is incredible how those tiny little envelope can make you this happy! Ashley from Texas, Christin from Wisconsin, Samantha from Michigan (USA), Joy from Singapore and Mardhi from Malaysia! Thanks so much girls!

I just have a male penpal though, his name is Jared and he lives in Virginia. I can't wait to get his letter soon! Appart from that I got 3 postcards from Indonesia, 1 from my aunt in Málaga (Spain), 1 from Cali (USA) and one from Russia. I loved them all thanks! I've been into arts and crafts lately, I'd say it's the cheapest way to make your own stationery and save money at the same time. I found several stationery packs on ebay, but they're sooooo expensive! So I'm considering doing it by myself from now on. I still have loads of letter paper I bought in the USA, but I should start practising. I read on the Internet you can use brewed coffee to make paper look more vintage and stuff~ I'm gonna use some old newspapers and magazines to make collages and thinks like that. I assume it won't look perfect at first but, hey! I just have to keep trying, right?

Appart from that, today has been my long day. Plus, I have English class in an hour, and I just don't want to go! There's a girl on class who looks like Spinelli from Recess I like her so much hah! No, I guess I can't complain, there are lots of nice people in my class this year. I just hope I can pass the PCE exam this time, it's all I need! Later I'd probably go to the American Institute for getting TOEFL (it expires in 2 years though! How's that even possible!??!).

I'd like to end up this post with a reflexion. We shouldn't be rancorous with people we don't even know. Sometimes there's no point on being a rude bitch with someone, even though if he/she has been rude to you too. We all should give second chances if we want people to give them to us too. It's pretty frustrating seeing someone you'd like to be friends with but you just can't because of the circumstances. I changed that, and I'm so glad I did. People does CHANGE, and sometimes for the better. We have amazing people to get to know around us, the thing is we don't notice it! So guys, be nice with everyone you meet, really. It's worth it! If you can change things, just do it. If you fail, at least you will have tried, right?

Love you all!~


  1. Que lindas cartas nena, también te sigo *v*/ yay! bonito día ^v^

  2. Hey claudia! It's Gladys! Thank you for visiting my blog! I can't believe that you live in Barcelona! I've never had a Spanish pen pal and I really want to visit Barcelona one day!

    1. Hey Gladys, how are you doing? Thanks back for visiting as well, I'm in love with Spore and I want to visit ssooooo bad! If you ever want to be my penpal, don't hesitate to tell me :D Hope you are doing great! <3

    2. Hey claudia, I would love to be pen pal with you but I can only send you a letter on the eighth of November when my official exams end! If you don't mind, I'll send you a letter at then!


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