It's been a quiet day today. Not many people have gone to class I must say, there was a strike it seems, but our teachers decided to do the classes so I ended up going (feels like a responsible student). Later I went to my grandma's to have lunch and I picked up my cousin from school, the elementary school I used to go too. I kinda wanted to say hi to my old teachers, so I went upstairs and said hi to some of them. I remembered my old times in primary school, the spot where I used to sit to read Harry Potter during recess (while the rest of  my classmates were playing around and covering themselves of sand and mud lol), my old classes, that paper&glue smell in the hall, kids screaming and waving  their mommies... I remember being rather a tomboy girl...! Then bloody hell high school came and... yeah, university! The only place where I don't feel like a weirdo!

Honestly I've been pretty stressed wondering about my future recently. I'm happy the way I am now, but I'll have to leave the nest anytime soon. I kind of have the moral duty to get out of here and see how's life like, how does it feel to be in another part of the world with no one you know around. I honestly don't want to wait for my major to finish to go abroad. I need to do something, now! I'm considering a few places that I'm still not sure of, I guess I have too many things in my mind at the moment. Today we learnt how to meditate in Asian Art & Culture class, I might do it once or twice a day from now on.

Luckily I have a good weekend starting soon. Tomorrow I'm meeting Llibert, a good friend of mine, and we're having Chinese food together. I'll bring him to the best and cheapest Chinese restaurant in the city! I miss those homemade noodles I always used to order! Yumyum...! And on Saturday I'm bringing my friends to a special spot in Barcelona... I'll bring my camera with me so, expect some new and cool pictures :)

And, as always, I'll upload a random photography I like! Here we go...!

            Dublin, Ireland. Random redhead in the city centre. I saw him and I loved this hair color, I had to take a picture of him! <3 

Love you all <3


  1. Ohh qué chula la foto! *-* Es muy curioso el pelo tan naranja~ (o peli rojo jaja).

    Yo en el cole también era de las que prefería cosas tranquilas y apartadas. Aunque en mi caso, me intenté leer Harry Potter, pero como me dieron el segundo libro (viva la lógica), no entendía nada y lo dejé a la mitad x)
    Lo que sí tuve, fue descubrir el manga y anime, a través de una chica de mi clase (que dibujaba muy bien). Eso sí, éramos poca gente que compartía esos gustos.
    En el instituto encontré a unas cuantas chicas que compartían los mismos gustos, pero siempre éramos como el grupo apartado (asco de sociedad adolescente =_=). Y lo mismo, al entrar en la uni, ha sido como volver a compartir lo que de verdad te gusta con más gente~ ^^

    Por cierto, hoy el día hace honor a tu nombre :D Cloudy day~ Y si encima te llega alguna carta, juego completo!

    Que tengas un buen finde!(^^)/

    1. Patiiii <3 Haha si si, creo que muchos de la FTI fuimos así incomprendidos de pequeños! En el instituto también fue durillo para mí, también grupo apartado de los popus y las animadoras (?) -_- Y por fin, uni! :D Y siiiii hahah lástima que ayer no hubo correo, que si no hubiese ido como un anillo al dedo ;A;

      Gracias por pasarte moni ^-^ Que pases un buen finde también :D

  2. Hello Claudia! Thanks for the warm comment. I like your blog, it seems interesting. And a photo of a ginger in Dublin... Love it! I was in the Ireland one year ago and I loved it. My best friend is a ginger and she has moved to Ireland, lol! I will visit your blog often!
    Greetings from Poland!

    1. Hey Maria, thanks for the comment back, that was so nice of you :) How did you like Ireland? I found it a really nice place to live, so quiet (in general hah) and so classy! I missed the weather in Southern Europe though! I spent a week there, 4 days in Dublin and 3 in Cork.

      Hope you have a nice weekend :) Hugs,


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