(actually this is a draft I wrote yesterday night, but I was so tired I didn't click "Publish" lol I just changed some stuff and added some more) <3

Yesterday I went to have lunch with Llibert, a good friend of mine, and we went to the cheapest Chinese restaurant in the city: Chen Ji! We both had lunch (we ordered 2 dishes of fried noodles, xiaolongbao and a bottle of water) for 13€! Hah, incredible, isnt it? The restaurant was super full when we left, it's seems it's becoming more and more popular...! We derped around the city in the afternoon, we took some selcas together and we had a piece of cake on Starbucks. It's been his first time on a Starbucks haha, he's from Andorra (a tiny country between France and Spain) and they don't have it there, so he was so excited hah c: 

   (Ignore my wavy hair lol... It was raining all day long and detjukhgfdsdf ;___;!!!!)

Llibert is such a nice guy! I met him almost a year ago. I met his twin brother on Interpals a long time ago because he wanted to study my major (and he messaged me for more info), and then I met him by coincidence on Tumblr. When he introduced himself I was like, WOW I know a guy similar to you from Andorra as well, his name is Gabriel! And he was like OMG HOW DO YOU KNOW MY TWIN BROTHER?!??! Hah such a coincidence right? We all became good friends after that, and we meet several times a year and now Gabriel is finally studying my major. He gets on better with Esther, my best friend, while I get on better with Llibert :) Sometimes he might sound grumpy, but he's the sweetest guy I've ever met <3 He's so protactive with his noona as well!

Today I'm going to Indochine, a South-East Asian restaurant in the city with some friends. I'm gonna bring my camera because later I'm going to a special spot with my buddies so, I'll take pictures of the food as well :) I'm so excited, I love that place and it's great to take pictures! I'm not going to tell you where is it hah, but you'll love it if you ever visit Barcelona. I also have to study for my Japanese exam on Monday but, I'll have time for everything! 

Have a nice weekend you all <3



  1. Hey Claudiaa :)
    I'm Eline from holland (from the postcard swapping ;3)
    I can see you started your own blog, that's great :D Good luck with it :)
    I also own a blog:
    It would be great if you could pay a visit to it :)
    I'm your new follower ^^

    1. Hey Eline, thanks for the comment :) I'm definitely following and commenting back hah, no worries!<3 Hope you have a good weekend!

  2. Yaaaay, que fksmldnskxndkd a les fotos tots dos **
    (le me apuntant nom de restaurants..) i diria que jo tampoc he anat mai a un starbucks aixi que deu de ser normal a la societat andorrana hahhaah :)

    1. Hah segurament, aquí és una cosa bastant americanitzada i tal, però al Llibert li va encantar *-* Car de la hòstia, però bé... Un vez al año no hace daño, no? XD jiji


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