How Anna and shopping made my day

It's been quite a normal day at uni to be honest, cool stuff have came once I got home: I got a letter I had been waiting for days: Anna's letter! *-*

Anna is a good friend of Peter, I met her when last summer when I was in MD. She's such a sweetheart and we even went to the mall together in a double date. I remembered she tried to buy popcorn for me but heh, I didn't let that happen c: (Sorry dear! <3). So we started snail mailing now, and she used this kawaii desu stationery I fell in love with sdfgthyjukijuhygtr <3 Thanks so sosososo much Anna, I'll write your letter back soon ;)

I also got this letter from Maria, another American snail mailer from South Carolina. She's studying Neurobiology and she's on the army at the same time, isn't it amazing? :) 

Sooooo, I went to ZARA this afternoon because I wanted some new fall clothes. I also wanted something more classy to wear and stuff, I realized I barely have formal clothes for go clubbing, so I bought this black blouse I fell in love with! I hate those blingy plates so I'm gonna unstitch them as soon as I wear it -__-

I also bought those floral jeggings I've been wanting for ages (err no, rather weeks, hehe...). So yeah, I'm happy now! I still want that yellow coat from H&M but I couldn't find it, so I guess I'll go tomorrow after class to get it. And if it's not... c: I'm jut gonna kill someone PHO REAL (?)

Soooooo appart from that... I'm happy! :D I just finished an essay I had to do for Japanese class, and I also finished my project for Asian Pre-Modern Thinking so... Whoo hoo! Feel relieved now. And oh! Oscar is gonna take a photoshoot of me on my old Battle Royale cosplay on Wednesday! I wanted to recycle it for Halloween and suddenly I realized I actually don't have a photoshoot wearing it so... Thanks in advance, Oscar ^-^ We're gonna take do it after class, since Thursday is a free day. Maybe we're doing something at night, but we still don't know what. We'll see though!

Enough post for today now! Once again, thank you all for reading and have a nice week!


CL <3

So much mail, so much work to do but happy!

I know, I'm super duper busy at the moment and I got a bunch of letters and postcards this week ;_; I replied them all already, but and I need to do tons of work and I need some more cash for stamps! *sobs* Well, let's start, I'll talk about my Saturday then and then I'll hurry to finish my Japanese essay. Whoo hoo!

This comes from Katherine in New Jersey (USA). She's such a nice girl, she's an American born Latino dating her American  born Korean boyfriend! They're always uploading cute pictures on IG, they're make a cute couple <3 

I got 5 wonderful postcards today! From left to right, top to bottom: Russia, Chile, Taiwan, Jordan and Japan. That last one postcard is from the anime Gundam, I just loved it and I didn't hesitate to swap it with Atsumi! <3 She's a cute girl as well haha, so glad she's always replying to my swap requests! 

I got all this from Ola! (I don't know why Blogger doesn't let me rotate the photo, sorry about that!). She's one of my oldest pen friends, she's from Gdansk in Poland and we've been sending postcards, photos and small thingies to each other for a long time :) She wants me to learn some Polish so she sends me some small notes with dome vocab and stuff, but since I don't know how can I pronounce that, I just can't learn it x_x Looks sooooo difficult haha! She's such a sweetheart as well, we're pretty close :)

This comes from Katherine in San Francisco (Cali, USA)! It's my first letter from her and she  knew I loved Japanese stuff, so she sent me an origami bird, some tea (OMG I LOVED IT!) and two Hi Chews! <3 I'm a huge tea fan and I always bring it to school, so thanks for the tea bags! I send her some cute stuff as well, she sounds like a good friend to talk to :)

Almost all my outcoming mail is ready, all I need are stamps! (Yeah, silly me lol). Yesterday I went to buy another postcard album for my postcard collection (I'll upload pictures of it in my next post!) and some cute stickers. I needed a break from studying because I've been super focused on my Korean exam those last weeks. And for what? I'm gonna fail anyway, my teachers tricked me and my classmates to "try and have an idea of how is the exam like". I'm not gonna pass it, that's for super sure, there are lots of questions I left in blank but still... I did my best and I didn't have the right vocab and grammar knowledge for understand it all! :\ It's kind of frustrating, but there's nothing I can do now... Later I went to have lunch with a new friend of mine, we had Deeokbokki (omg I missed Korean food...! It was the first time since I got back from the States), she got Jajangmyeon and I got ddeokramyeon. Later we went to Starbucks and I tasted the new Apple Crumble Latte (I loved it 8D Special edition beverages on Starbucks never disappoint me!)~ And well, here I am!

Tomorrow Sunday I'll keep going with my uni work and stuff, but I guess I did enough for today... My head still hurts of all that stress and I think I deserve it...! So, thanks everyone for readying! Sorry if my posts are kind of monotonous those days but honestly there isn't much to tell, appart from my studies and stuff :\ I promise my life abroad will be more interesting haha!

Love :)


Cloudy days but no letters!

I had the pleasure to meet my mailman on Friday, haha! We came across when I was opening the door and he was leaving, he saw me opening my mailbox and he was like: "Are you the girl mad about postcards and letters?!?" And I stuttered: "Y-yeah, it's me..." And he was like "OMG you spend loads of money on that, right?" and I was "Ugh don't remind me...xD". I watched Kill Bill with Tyler and we have a nice breakfast (eggs&bacon awwwwwyeah). He said I could ask for things to bring from the States since his mom is sending him a package with stuff... I asked for Reeses and some PB & J (Peanut Butter & Jelly). Ugh, I miss American food so bad, can't wait to go back ;_;

Today I spent the whole morning reviewing Korean, I went to my aunt's restaurant to have lunch, back home and derp on the Internet! And tomorrow, boring Sunday again, more studying and... Here we go again, Monday!

Good times are coming though, October is coming to its end (yes!) and winter it's knocking on our door already (except for the temperatures). Honestly I love this season of the year, and I'm really looking forward to Christmas...! I want to save as much money as I can so I can travel around with some friends and Peter in summer :) However, I still have to apply for my exchange program, I seriously want to do so many things I don't even know how to make up my mind... If only I could have some help from a specialist...! :\ Well, I still have time to, we'll see!

Photography time! Since I didn't got much mail those days, I'll just upload a random pic :)

Sports Day in the Japanese School in Barcelona. That Japanese girl looked so adorable with her piano bag I didn't hesitate to press the button and take a shot :) 

Thanks for reading, really! <3 Love you all,


More mail but more stress too

Yay, I got loads of letters today! :) 

1. Dominique, California (USA) / 2. Annisah (Indonesia) / 3. Alexis, Texas (USA) / 4. Yazmine (Puerto Rico) / 5. Jessica, Pennsylvania (USA) / 6. Hannah (South Africa)

Yay, I'm so happy because I didn't get anything yesterday sob...! I'll be writing back now, but first...! I have tons of homework to do and tons of classes I have to review for! It's going to be a busy week I must say, but good things are coming...! I can't wait to get rid of my Korean exam as well, it's a pain in my neck and I'm so nervous about it ;_; I have to buy a pair of books for Chinese Lit and Asian Art & Culture *cries* I'll be super poor soon! I like the Art & Culture project I have to do though, I chose the simbolism of the propaganda during Maoism in China. 

Appart from that, nothing else happened! Days are getting chilly, and I'm glad cold is finally coming! I was sick and tired of hot weather ugh, it's been the worst year ever, specially in DC... =__= I'm happy today though, it's one of those days when you smile for those little things that happened to you c: I kind of want to go to English class now, there's a girl I always talk to and she's super nice omg, she loves Modern Family and other series I'm also in love with! <3 Hah, I'd love to be good friends with her in a near future! 

Plans for next weekend? Meeting my friends for studying Korean together, studying by myself, maybe watching movies alone (yeah I'm so sociable you know) and starting all the projects I have to do soon! As I said, sorry! My week it's gonna be busy from now on, but I swear it's gonna be more interesting soon! In two weeks I'm going to a Korean restaurant, yay! It's been THREE MONTHS since I don't eat K-food sob, I miss America ;_; <3 

(Petey I know you're reading me, so here's your shoutout c: heh, love you!)

Again, thanks everyone for reading, I wish you all a happy October! ^_^


Good weekend in good company

Yesterday it was one of the best days in a looong long time. I was sure that I would have a great weekend, and I wasn’t wrong! I went to a veeeery fancy Indonesian restaurant in the city center, called “Indochine”. Actually it was a mix between Indonesian, Cambodian, Thai and Viet but honestly all I noticed about Viet cuisine was the coriander and the mint they used. They brought us several fancy dishes and honestly I could’ve eaten more (lol trust me guys, I eat like a male adult! You just have to get to know me!)… 

Everything was nice but cmon... If you go to South East Asia this is the last thing you'll find: Fancy dishes xD I mean, it makes sense taking into account this kind of food is rather exotic here, but I prefer imagining some random Thai old woman offering you pad thai in the streets of Bangkok. I liked it though. It seems my mom couldn't stand all that coriander and mint, but I insist there was way too much coriander and it kind of killed the rest of flavours.

Once I finished my fancy lunch I ran to the metro to meet my friends for going to that secret spot in the city. I almost die trying to catch the bus and then going uphill on a street, but once I was up it was totally worth it.

I wish going to this place was easier, I'd definitely go everytime I need to calm down and empty my mind. You can see the whole city from here, it's obviously windy but the view just makes you smile and realize how small you are in this world. Barcelona might not be the biggest city ever, but it's the happiest in Europe and the 3rd in the world. Curious, isn't it? The sky was super blue a you can see, it rained during the whole Friday so the light was really clear. So glad I went up there :) I always try to bring my foreign friends, it's not a touristic place in the city but it's totally worth it. It's a quiet place (if you don't count all that bunch of teenagers smoking weed and taking pictures of themselves) but remember! Bring something to eat/to drink, really, you'll need some water once you're there, haha.

Today I'll be studying Japanese and Korean, so nothing special. I might visit my family later and stuff... And that's how my weekend concludes. And I should keep studying Korean, the exam is gonna be reaaaaally soon and I want to pass it! x_x Wish me luck everyone! <3

(actually this is a draft I wrote yesterday night, but I was so tired I didn't click "Publish" lol I just changed some stuff and added some more) <3

Yesterday I went to have lunch with Llibert, a good friend of mine, and we went to the cheapest Chinese restaurant in the city: Chen Ji! We both had lunch (we ordered 2 dishes of fried noodles, xiaolongbao and a bottle of water) for 13€! Hah, incredible, isnt it? The restaurant was super full when we left, it's seems it's becoming more and more popular...! We derped around the city in the afternoon, we took some selcas together and we had a piece of cake on Starbucks. It's been his first time on a Starbucks haha, he's from Andorra (a tiny country between France and Spain) and they don't have it there, so he was so excited hah c: 

   (Ignore my wavy hair lol... It was raining all day long and detjukhgfdsdf ;___;!!!!)

Llibert is such a nice guy! I met him almost a year ago. I met his twin brother on Interpals a long time ago because he wanted to study my major (and he messaged me for more info), and then I met him by coincidence on Tumblr. When he introduced himself I was like, WOW I know a guy similar to you from Andorra as well, his name is Gabriel! And he was like OMG HOW DO YOU KNOW MY TWIN BROTHER?!??! Hah such a coincidence right? We all became good friends after that, and we meet several times a year and now Gabriel is finally studying my major. He gets on better with Esther, my best friend, while I get on better with Llibert :) Sometimes he might sound grumpy, but he's the sweetest guy I've ever met <3 He's so protactive with his noona as well!

Today I'm going to Indochine, a South-East Asian restaurant in the city with some friends. I'm gonna bring my camera because later I'm going to a special spot with my buddies so, I'll take pictures of the food as well :) I'm so excited, I love that place and it's great to take pictures! I'm not going to tell you where is it hah, but you'll love it if you ever visit Barcelona. I also have to study for my Japanese exam on Monday but, I'll have time for everything! 

Have a nice weekend you all <3



It's been a quiet day today. Not many people have gone to class I must say, there was a strike it seems, but our teachers decided to do the classes so I ended up going (feels like a responsible student). Later I went to my grandma's to have lunch and I picked up my cousin from school, the elementary school I used to go too. I kinda wanted to say hi to my old teachers, so I went upstairs and said hi to some of them. I remembered my old times in primary school, the spot where I used to sit to read Harry Potter during recess (while the rest of  my classmates were playing around and covering themselves of sand and mud lol), my old classes, that paper&glue smell in the hall, kids screaming and waving  their mommies... I remember being rather a tomboy girl...! Then bloody hell high school came and... yeah, university! The only place where I don't feel like a weirdo!

Honestly I've been pretty stressed wondering about my future recently. I'm happy the way I am now, but I'll have to leave the nest anytime soon. I kind of have the moral duty to get out of here and see how's life like, how does it feel to be in another part of the world with no one you know around. I honestly don't want to wait for my major to finish to go abroad. I need to do something, now! I'm considering a few places that I'm still not sure of, I guess I have too many things in my mind at the moment. Today we learnt how to meditate in Asian Art & Culture class, I might do it once or twice a day from now on.

Luckily I have a good weekend starting soon. Tomorrow I'm meeting Llibert, a good friend of mine, and we're having Chinese food together. I'll bring him to the best and cheapest Chinese restaurant in the city! I miss those homemade noodles I always used to order! Yumyum...! And on Saturday I'm bringing my friends to a special spot in Barcelona... I'll bring my camera with me so, expect some new and cool pictures :)

And, as always, I'll upload a random photography I like! Here we go...!

            Dublin, Ireland. Random redhead in the city centre. I saw him and I loved this hair color, I had to take a picture of him! <3 

Love you all <3

Snail mail & this coat I fell in love with

Today it's been a weird day I must say. Good things came when I opened my mailbox, as usual! Haha~ I found three adorable letters! I loved them all, thanks so much girls!

One comes from Vanessa in Cali (USA)

The second comes from Jessica in Washington (USA) OMG I love the envelope, it's so cute, girly and flowerish :)

The third comes from Julia in Germany! I loved the floral envelope as well <3 We swapped recipes this time, and she wrote it in Spanish! Thanks a lot sweetheart! <3

And one special letter I wanted to show you too! It comes from Amy in Singapore! She's a 16 year-old student who wants to be an illustrator (as you can see! I just fell in love with her drawings, it's super duper cute). I didn't imagine I could meet someone with so many things in common! <3 She loves Japan, Haruki Murakami, sketching and photography as well! Hope I can get on well with her ^-^

I'll reply them straightaway! I can't wait for them to get their stuff back! About me, nothing! I've had headache today and I've been thinking of what kind of things could I write about in this brand new blog. I'd love to go for a walk with my baby Nikon, it's been a long time I don't take her out. Plus, fall is coming in Barcelona and I have a fwew spots in mind I'd love to go take shots to :) I'm considering meeting my friend Oscar soon for go take pictures, we did it not so long ago and it was nice. I love taking pictures of random people and food specially! I'd say there's always something new to discover in your city, no matter where you go. I really want to go shopping, I fell in love with this H&M coat for this winter and I need it sooooo bad  ;;_;;

Sigh, let's see what I can do! I have to keep studying for my Korean exam as well, as good as my Asian Thinking exam next Tuesday. Omg this is driving me crazy, it seems I'm too good at procastinating as well haha! c: (I shouldn't laugh about that but...)

Thanks for reading everyone <3 Seeing your visits and comments really make my day ^w^


When a bunch of letters and envelopes make your day

Today I got several letters, yay! <3 I'm so happy haha, is incredible how those tiny little envelope can make you this happy! Ashley from Texas, Christin from Wisconsin, Samantha from Michigan (USA), Joy from Singapore and Mardhi from Malaysia! Thanks so much girls!

I just have a male penpal though, his name is Jared and he lives in Virginia. I can't wait to get his letter soon! Appart from that I got 3 postcards from Indonesia, 1 from my aunt in Málaga (Spain), 1 from Cali (USA) and one from Russia. I loved them all thanks! I've been into arts and crafts lately, I'd say it's the cheapest way to make your own stationery and save money at the same time. I found several stationery packs on ebay, but they're sooooo expensive! So I'm considering doing it by myself from now on. I still have loads of letter paper I bought in the USA, but I should start practising. I read on the Internet you can use brewed coffee to make paper look more vintage and stuff~ I'm gonna use some old newspapers and magazines to make collages and thinks like that. I assume it won't look perfect at first but, hey! I just have to keep trying, right?

Appart from that, today has been my long day. Plus, I have English class in an hour, and I just don't want to go! There's a girl on class who looks like Spinelli from Recess I like her so much hah! No, I guess I can't complain, there are lots of nice people in my class this year. I just hope I can pass the PCE exam this time, it's all I need! Later I'd probably go to the American Institute for getting TOEFL (it expires in 2 years though! How's that even possible!??!).

I'd like to end up this post with a reflexion. We shouldn't be rancorous with people we don't even know. Sometimes there's no point on being a rude bitch with someone, even though if he/she has been rude to you too. We all should give second chances if we want people to give them to us too. It's pretty frustrating seeing someone you'd like to be friends with but you just can't because of the circumstances. I changed that, and I'm so glad I did. People does CHANGE, and sometimes for the better. We have amazing people to get to know around us, the thing is we don't notice it! So guys, be nice with everyone you meet, really. It's worth it! If you can change things, just do it. If you fail, at least you will have tried, right?

Love you all!~

Smile and wave Claudia, be nice to everyone.

Yay, that's a brand new entry of my new personal blog, yay! I honestly don' t know how to make this popular, I don't want to put it on Facebook and be stalked by people I don't really get on with (that was rude from you, girl). Okay so, I guess I'll be waiting for a few users to come! Yay... (really).

Okay uhm, today is Tuesday... And tuesday has always been the worst day of the week: Also the longest! PLUS! I have a Scottish teacher in my English class (I'm sick and tired of fighting for that PCE exam omg) and he makes fun of me because he says I should speak more formal. I mean, I'm not a ghetto girl but last day I said "How so" instead of "Why" and they all laughed at me and I was like, okay, what did I say now. I mean, I do enjoy English classes but it comes a point when it gets booooring and such. However, I need to study for that exam, I failed it with a 4,9/10 last year and I cried of frustration (cries again).

So moving oooon! I honestly don't know how to write this, I guess I'll keep telling my random and boring life once I start doing things worth taking pictures of (I guess you guys are not really interested in Japanese, International Relations or Korean notes). The thing I'm gonna do from now on is a kind of "section" in my blog. For every post I don't put a picture in I'll be uploading a picture I really like and explain where did I take it. I really like photography but, as I said before I'm just an amateur so, I'm doing this anyway. Yesterday I didn't do it so, I'll put two in here.

Thanks for reading<3

Georgetown, Washington DC. I fell in love with all those colorful houses in the city, I loved it there! Sounds like a cute and peaceful place to settle down (coff coff justsaying). Georgetown is the fancy and posh neighbourhood but, those houses looked adorable <3

Chinese New Year in Barcelona. I think this is my favourite picture ever so, that's why I put it second. It seems this girl turned around looking for her friends, they were running for go dance on stage and she just turned around. I still don't know how I did it but I just love the shot. I have many cool pictures from that day!

So how do we start?

Hmm alright, this is my first post...! *Waves* Honestly I don't know what to write in this blog, I guess it's just a way for me to vent somehow, I'd say blogs like that aren't that popular as long as you don't have cool things to talk about but anyway... I guess this is my first post aka introduction!

This is Claudia but honestly, I've always been called by other nicknames and something so, whatever! Claudia is the name, I blow my candles the 7th July and I'm 20 years old. I definitely don't look like a 20ish, and honestly I wish I did! I'm majoring in East Asia Studies (specialised in Japanese). I was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain but honestly I've never felt like this is my place. My dream is moving somewhere else in the world, there's a lot to explore out there! I have a thing for stationery and snail mailing, it's been my obsession since I was 15 years old. I also love all kinds of music, from Brit Indie to KPOP (no jokes). I enjoy long walks around the city, hot milk tea on a rainy day, going out with friends, cooking and baking... I consider myself rather a socially awkward, it's a pity the term has become too mainstrem these days but my parents are always pushing me to go out more and stuff. I love photography, even though I'm just a human being derping around with a Nikon D3100. I try to do my best though. I love languages and I want to do something related to them in the future. I'd love to move to the United States, I honestly feel like I'm gonna settle down there someday. I love food, food is just my life, really. Vietnamese food is the best of the world, just like Korean food and well... Mommy's food *giggles*.

 I love my friends more than anything in this world. I shall admit I can be rather a rude biatch sometimes, but I guess it's just my way to be. I love making my friends laugh and having fun with them. I wish my socialization skills were better but I try to do my best.

I guess I'll leave this here for today! Feel free to comment or I don't know... Read this hah <3 Take care!

Ihwa Mural Village

Hello sweethearts! Recently many people have been told to stop with this blog hiatus of mine haha, so I'm back again with my blog posts...