More mail but more stress too

Yay, I got loads of letters today! :) 

1. Dominique, California (USA) / 2. Annisah (Indonesia) / 3. Alexis, Texas (USA) / 4. Yazmine (Puerto Rico) / 5. Jessica, Pennsylvania (USA) / 6. Hannah (South Africa)

Yay, I'm so happy because I didn't get anything yesterday sob...! I'll be writing back now, but first...! I have tons of homework to do and tons of classes I have to review for! It's going to be a busy week I must say, but good things are coming...! I can't wait to get rid of my Korean exam as well, it's a pain in my neck and I'm so nervous about it ;_; I have to buy a pair of books for Chinese Lit and Asian Art & Culture *cries* I'll be super poor soon! I like the Art & Culture project I have to do though, I chose the simbolism of the propaganda during Maoism in China. 

Appart from that, nothing else happened! Days are getting chilly, and I'm glad cold is finally coming! I was sick and tired of hot weather ugh, it's been the worst year ever, specially in DC... =__= I'm happy today though, it's one of those days when you smile for those little things that happened to you c: I kind of want to go to English class now, there's a girl I always talk to and she's super nice omg, she loves Modern Family and other series I'm also in love with! <3 Hah, I'd love to be good friends with her in a near future! 

Plans for next weekend? Meeting my friends for studying Korean together, studying by myself, maybe watching movies alone (yeah I'm so sociable you know) and starting all the projects I have to do soon! As I said, sorry! My week it's gonna be busy from now on, but I swear it's gonna be more interesting soon! In two weeks I'm going to a Korean restaurant, yay! It's been THREE MONTHS since I don't eat K-food sob, I miss America ;_; <3 

(Petey I know you're reading me, so here's your shoutout c: heh, love you!)

Again, thanks everyone for reading, I wish you all a happy October! ^_^



  1. DC misses you too c;

  2. Que mona la carta del Rilakkuma (^O^)
    Bona sort amb l'examen de coreà!

  3. Ohh cuántas cartas! *o* Y muy bonitas! Me alegro que las hayas recibido justo ahora que tienes tanta faena, así tienes una dosis de felicidad :3
    Ánimo con todo! Suena cansado... pero verás como puedes con todo! De recompensa te espera un restaurante coreano, nada menos! hehe^^

    Buena semana! n_n ~♪

  4. Lindas cartitas, nena *v* tendrás mucha felicidad al responderlas ^v^b


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