Cloudy days but no letters!

I had the pleasure to meet my mailman on Friday, haha! We came across when I was opening the door and he was leaving, he saw me opening my mailbox and he was like: "Are you the girl mad about postcards and letters?!?" And I stuttered: "Y-yeah, it's me..." And he was like "OMG you spend loads of money on that, right?" and I was "Ugh don't remind me...xD". I watched Kill Bill with Tyler and we have a nice breakfast (eggs&bacon awwwwwyeah). He said I could ask for things to bring from the States since his mom is sending him a package with stuff... I asked for Reeses and some PB & J (Peanut Butter & Jelly). Ugh, I miss American food so bad, can't wait to go back ;_;

Today I spent the whole morning reviewing Korean, I went to my aunt's restaurant to have lunch, back home and derp on the Internet! And tomorrow, boring Sunday again, more studying and... Here we go again, Monday!

Good times are coming though, October is coming to its end (yes!) and winter it's knocking on our door already (except for the temperatures). Honestly I love this season of the year, and I'm really looking forward to Christmas...! I want to save as much money as I can so I can travel around with some friends and Peter in summer :) However, I still have to apply for my exchange program, I seriously want to do so many things I don't even know how to make up my mind... If only I could have some help from a specialist...! :\ Well, I still have time to, we'll see!

Photography time! Since I didn't got much mail those days, I'll just upload a random pic :)

Sports Day in the Japanese School in Barcelona. That Japanese girl looked so adorable with her piano bag I didn't hesitate to press the button and take a shot :) 

Thanks for reading, really! <3 Love you all,



  1. Que maca la foto! (^-^)
    Espero que puguis decidir on vols anar del programa propi (><) Ànims!

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  3. these bag looks awesome. I want one too.
    My postman "loves" mee too. I got a lot of letters over the weeks. He smiles all the time, when he gave me my letters or postcards. xD


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