Good weekend in good company

Yesterday it was one of the best days in a looong long time. I was sure that I would have a great weekend, and I wasn’t wrong! I went to a veeeery fancy Indonesian restaurant in the city center, called “Indochine”. Actually it was a mix between Indonesian, Cambodian, Thai and Viet but honestly all I noticed about Viet cuisine was the coriander and the mint they used. They brought us several fancy dishes and honestly I could’ve eaten more (lol trust me guys, I eat like a male adult! You just have to get to know me!)… 

Everything was nice but cmon... If you go to South East Asia this is the last thing you'll find: Fancy dishes xD I mean, it makes sense taking into account this kind of food is rather exotic here, but I prefer imagining some random Thai old woman offering you pad thai in the streets of Bangkok. I liked it though. It seems my mom couldn't stand all that coriander and mint, but I insist there was way too much coriander and it kind of killed the rest of flavours.

Once I finished my fancy lunch I ran to the metro to meet my friends for going to that secret spot in the city. I almost die trying to catch the bus and then going uphill on a street, but once I was up it was totally worth it.

I wish going to this place was easier, I'd definitely go everytime I need to calm down and empty my mind. You can see the whole city from here, it's obviously windy but the view just makes you smile and realize how small you are in this world. Barcelona might not be the biggest city ever, but it's the happiest in Europe and the 3rd in the world. Curious, isn't it? The sky was super blue a you can see, it rained during the whole Friday so the light was really clear. So glad I went up there :) I always try to bring my foreign friends, it's not a touristic place in the city but it's totally worth it. It's a quiet place (if you don't count all that bunch of teenagers smoking weed and taking pictures of themselves) but remember! Bring something to eat/to drink, really, you'll need some water once you're there, haha.

Today I'll be studying Japanese and Korean, so nothing special. I might visit my family later and stuff... And that's how my weekend concludes. And I should keep studying Korean, the exam is gonna be reaaaaally soon and I want to pass it! x_x Wish me luck everyone! <3



  1. That does seem to be an awesome place! At least the pics are very beautiful. Good luck with your test and have a great week!

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