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Yay, that's a brand new entry of my new personal blog, yay! I honestly don' t know how to make this popular, I don't want to put it on Facebook and be stalked by people I don't really get on with (that was rude from you, girl). Okay so, I guess I'll be waiting for a few users to come! Yay... (really).

Okay uhm, today is Tuesday... And tuesday has always been the worst day of the week: Also the longest! PLUS! I have a Scottish teacher in my English class (I'm sick and tired of fighting for that PCE exam omg) and he makes fun of me because he says I should speak more formal. I mean, I'm not a ghetto girl but last day I said "How so" instead of "Why" and they all laughed at me and I was like, okay, what did I say now. I mean, I do enjoy English classes but it comes a point when it gets booooring and such. However, I need to study for that exam, I failed it with a 4,9/10 last year and I cried of frustration (cries again).

So moving oooon! I honestly don't know how to write this, I guess I'll keep telling my random and boring life once I start doing things worth taking pictures of (I guess you guys are not really interested in Japanese, International Relations or Korean notes). The thing I'm gonna do from now on is a kind of "section" in my blog. For every post I don't put a picture in I'll be uploading a picture I really like and explain where did I take it. I really like photography but, as I said before I'm just an amateur so, I'm doing this anyway. Yesterday I didn't do it so, I'll put two in here.

Thanks for reading<3

Georgetown, Washington DC. I fell in love with all those colorful houses in the city, I loved it there! Sounds like a cute and peaceful place to settle down (coff coff justsaying). Georgetown is the fancy and posh neighbourhood but, those houses looked adorable <3

Chinese New Year in Barcelona. I think this is my favourite picture ever so, that's why I put it second. It seems this girl turned around looking for her friends, they were running for go dance on stage and she just turned around. I still don't know how I did it but I just love the shot. I have many cool pictures from that day!

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