So much mail, so much work to do but happy!

I know, I'm super duper busy at the moment and I got a bunch of letters and postcards this week ;_; I replied them all already, but and I need to do tons of work and I need some more cash for stamps! *sobs* Well, let's start, I'll talk about my Saturday then and then I'll hurry to finish my Japanese essay. Whoo hoo!

This comes from Katherine in New Jersey (USA). She's such a nice girl, she's an American born Latino dating her American  born Korean boyfriend! They're always uploading cute pictures on IG, they're make a cute couple <3 

I got 5 wonderful postcards today! From left to right, top to bottom: Russia, Chile, Taiwan, Jordan and Japan. That last one postcard is from the anime Gundam, I just loved it and I didn't hesitate to swap it with Atsumi! <3 She's a cute girl as well haha, so glad she's always replying to my swap requests! 

I got all this from Ola! (I don't know why Blogger doesn't let me rotate the photo, sorry about that!). She's one of my oldest pen friends, she's from Gdansk in Poland and we've been sending postcards, photos and small thingies to each other for a long time :) She wants me to learn some Polish so she sends me some small notes with dome vocab and stuff, but since I don't know how can I pronounce that, I just can't learn it x_x Looks sooooo difficult haha! She's such a sweetheart as well, we're pretty close :)

This comes from Katherine in San Francisco (Cali, USA)! It's my first letter from her and she  knew I loved Japanese stuff, so she sent me an origami bird, some tea (OMG I LOVED IT!) and two Hi Chews! <3 I'm a huge tea fan and I always bring it to school, so thanks for the tea bags! I send her some cute stuff as well, she sounds like a good friend to talk to :)

Almost all my outcoming mail is ready, all I need are stamps! (Yeah, silly me lol). Yesterday I went to buy another postcard album for my postcard collection (I'll upload pictures of it in my next post!) and some cute stickers. I needed a break from studying because I've been super focused on my Korean exam those last weeks. And for what? I'm gonna fail anyway, my teachers tricked me and my classmates to "try and have an idea of how is the exam like". I'm not gonna pass it, that's for super sure, there are lots of questions I left in blank but still... I did my best and I didn't have the right vocab and grammar knowledge for understand it all! :\ It's kind of frustrating, but there's nothing I can do now... Later I went to have lunch with a new friend of mine, we had Deeokbokki (omg I missed Korean food...! It was the first time since I got back from the States), she got Jajangmyeon and I got ddeokramyeon. Later we went to Starbucks and I tasted the new Apple Crumble Latte (I loved it 8D Special edition beverages on Starbucks never disappoint me!)~ And well, here I am!

Tomorrow Sunday I'll keep going with my uni work and stuff, but I guess I did enough for today... My head still hurts of all that stress and I think I deserve it...! So, thanks everyone for readying! Sorry if my posts are kind of monotonous those days but honestly there isn't much to tell, appart from my studies and stuff :\ I promise my life abroad will be more interesting haha!

Love :)



  1. Encara que no et va anar bé l'examen, al menys ho vas intentar (>_<) I siempre et pots tornar a presentar en un futur. No et desanimis! (*≧ω≦)ノ

  2. I loved your incomming mail especially the first one :D

    1. Thanks so much deary :) I met this girl on Instagram, there are many people on that app looking for new penpals! In case you're interested! <3


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