Welcome, November! Take your place, please.

More mail this week hehe! <3 

Ruth-Ann from Arizona (USA). That Alice letter paper was amazingly cute <3 I loved it!

Hoiching from Singapore! ^_^ She's 5 years older than me but she sounds like a cute girl to talk to! 

Christin from Michigan (USA). That's my 2nd letter from her and she's been to Spain! :D I loved the alloween stationery hah, it's adorable and we don't have such thing here! D:

Corey from Singapore. We have so many things in common that I don't really know how to start her letter hah! I bet it'll be soooo long, she loves Barcelona and I love Spore so... I bet we'll get on very well!

As you guys noticed, November is here already! I'm enjoying this weather so much, I really missed cold weather! It's nice to get back to hot teas with milk and blankets ^_^ Yesterday I met my family for "Castanyada", our popular festival in Catalunya on All Saints Day (1st Nov). The day before yesterday I went out with friends at night. Nothing special, I had so much fun clubbing and derping around with them! :) The 1st in the afternoon I went to my grandmother's place for having toasted chestnuts, sweet potatoes, and "Panellets", those sweets you see down there!

They're just small cakes made of almond paste or marzipan and pinenuts (the normal ones). There are different varieties with different fruits (Coconut, orange, strawberry...), and also some made of chocolate. They're soooo delly, but kind of heavy I must say...!

Today I went to Saló del Manga (aka Manga Festival, the biggest Japan related event in Spain) with my friends. Esther dressed up as Jessica in SNSD's Oh! so she got in for free. My aunt works in a famous comic&books editorial, so I got free tickets! Oscar, Arnau and my dear twins Llibert and Gabri came with us.

 They're twins, but honestly I'd say they're pretty different.... XD

Llibert <3 He's one of my best friends! As I said, he can be grumpy sometimes but also he can be the cuttest thing <3

I also took pictures of cool cosplays I found around.

My friend Jiaming dressed up as K-ON ^-^ She looked super adorable <3 

I have an International Relations exam this monday + Chinese literature exam next Thursday... I guess exam season is coming for everyone! *sob* Hope you all had a nice Halloween and do your best on your exams! I'll do the same ^-^ More problems will be coming eventually but, one step at a time, being worried for more than one thing at a time is not healthy! (?) Haha well, thank you all for reading and feel free to comment or anything ^_^

Lots of love,



  1. I received your postcard of Gran Canaria yesterday!
    Thank you! I'll send one back to you soon :)

    Eline (Elena)

    PS. I'm hosting my first (international) give-away right now! I'd like to invite you to enter! :) There are 2 nice prices to win!

    1. Great, dear! I'd love to participate hah but I never wear earrings! I wear piercing earrings on my wholes so they don't close again hah, but I wish your followers the best with it :) I'll do the same when I reach 100 followers too! Thanks for the idea :D


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