Day for tea and replying letters

It all started when Lucas asked me to go for a walk on Thursday. I was just doing some work at home so I said, why not? So yeah, we went to Starbucks, we had a coffee, we talked about everything and anything and well, I went to English class and blah blah blah (insert boring stuff in Scottish accent lol). Now I have a pair of things I still have to do for uni, but nothing important ^_^ First, Art&Culture project I have to polish (&its powerpoint). Second, a presentation of Singapore in two weeks and an essay of my visit to the States. In Japanese btw lol. Anyway, I had a really good beginning of weekend and I don't want to ruin it with me schoolwork again so, let's start with the mail I got his week! :D

Jessica finally replied me ^_^ She's from Washington (USA), and I've always loved the letter paper she sends me! I got a picture of her too, isn't she' pretty? :D She's mixed I think (Filipina/American).

I got this one from Yanill in Florida (USA) too~ I loved the vintage stationery, thanks so much! She has Latino origins, so almost half the letter is in Spanish :D~ I love when she wrote SMILE, YOU HAVE MAIL on the back, it's exactly what I did ^_^

Hoiching from Hong Kong sent me a postcard this time! She also sent me an earphone jack accessory! I've seen it's a thing now so, I put it on my phone~ Looks super cute! :D And also the envelope is super adorable <3 Thanks!

This is the first letter from Viola in HK too ^_^ She used a Donald Duck gift paper for the envelope, and she sent me a Jasmine tea bag, one of my favourites *-* Thanks a bunch, sweetheart <3

Last but not least... Two letters from the UK came!~ They're both new penpals, so I'm so excited! The first one is from Rae, she used a vintage letter paper I really liked ^_^

Second, it was Bethany-May! I really liked her original way to write letters haha~ I could hung her letter paper if I wanted to! XD I found it adorable and a great idea, thanks sososo much, doll <3

Today we went to celebrate Lisa's B-day! <3 We went to a tea shop&bar to have a tea altogether! I really liked the place, I can't wait to go back~ It's in Sants, and it's called Malea ^_^

Since I love tea with spices and stuff, I picked Chai tea with ginger, cinnamon, clove and cardamom. It was amazing! ^-^ I also ordered some sponge cake, I loved it too!

 Left to right: Raquel, Arnau, Oscar, Àngel and Lisa

Me and Raquel <3 

Fancy tea is fancy!

Later we went to Lisa's place and we chatted for a bit. We derped around a little bit too as you can see, haha!

We also talked about our near future. The majority of us wants to apply for an exchange program next year. We all know it's going to be difficult but I'd say we're also pretty excited about it. Some of us want to go to China, others to Japan, Taiwan and well... In my case (and as you all know), I picked Korea :) Let's see how we can manage it, we're all kind of nervous too, we can register from Monday and we have time till 14th Dec. It's a long way but, I'll  just do it asap and stop thinking about it. Looking at this pictures I realize how bad I'm gonna miss my friends once I'm abroad. They mean so much to me I don't want to leave them D: *drama time lol*

Well, not the time to be pessimistic now! I have to catch up with tons of letters now, keep working on my uni stuff and hey! I'm meeting Tyler and more friends for our Belated Thanksgiving tomorrow night! lol We couldn't do it yesterday and I bet Tyler misses his homeland, so he'll love it anyway, even if it's just and excuse for gathering altogether c: I'll try to buy turkey or something tomorrow morning haha, worst case we'll make roasted chicken XD And yup, those are my plans for the weekend! What about yours?

Once again, thanks so much for reading, I'll keep saying it even if I have 25 followers only lol, I love each one of them, as good as my (very few) readers c: Big hug to you all!



  1. Espero que puguis aconseguir la primera opció del programa propi!! Sort (^O^)
    Encara que tinguis 25 followers, segur que hi ha més gent que et llegeix en secret xDD!!

  2. Me encanta ver las cosas que te envían siempre :D cómo se lo curran! Los papeles de carta son muy originales y bonitos~
    Qué bien que hagáis un thanksgiving dinner! :3 la verdad es que es una celebración bonita~ seguro que a tu amigo le hace sentirse como en casa jaja ^^

    Mucha suerte con lo del intercambio! Aunque yo creo que te lo darán, y seguro que te va muy bien :D yo creo que es tu sitio ideal para ir~ ánimo!

    Que tengas un buen finde guapa! (^^)/

  3. Que hermoso mail recibes! si que si!1
    Besotes hermosa!

  4. how adorable! I miss writing and sending letters....


  5. You have wonderful mail! I got your message on my blog and yes, you can e-mail me here: lipton.teeblog(at)yahoo(dot)com. I can't wait for us to start exchanging letters :)


  6. Nice! What will you be studying in Korea?



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