More mail and fancy restaurant

Let's start with the lovely letters I got this week :) I'm so happy because I just finished an exam I really wanted to get rid of, so yeaaaaah! <3 Let's go then!

Alina from the Netherlands sent me a postcard attached to her letter! She's 16 and she collects nail polishes! She has more than 100, isn't it incredible? :O

This one comes from Amirah in Malaysia! She's a mixed (Chinese/Malay) housewife living near to Kuala Lumpur. She wants to have a baby soon, awww ^-^ She sounds like a really kind woman, I bet she'll be a wonderful mom!

Alexis from Texas (USA) sent me a really fast reply! Woah, thanks sweetheart! She sent me more tea awww, I will send her some back too ^_^ I love swapping tea as well!

This is my frst swap with Nikki from California (USA)~ I loved the HK stickets and the Halloween card, I still envy how they have such cute Halloween stuff back in the States ;_; <3

Finally this one comes from Katerina in Greece! Yay, kalimera ^_^ She speaks a perfect Spanish and we both visited each other's countries so, it seems we'll get on well quickly! I loved the stamp! :D

Now the delly part of the post comes :) Yesterday (Sunday) I went to a fancy restaurant in the city. It's called Can Cortada, and it's located in the city, but almost in the outskirts, near of a hill! It used to be a "masia" (Catalan version of a farmhouse or something like that) but now it's a well-known restaurant for its Catalan food. (Btw in case you guys you don't know, I live in Catalunya, which capital is Barcelona. It's an autonomous comminuty in Spain, where we have our different culure, cuisine as good as a different language from Spanish, although we're legally part of Spain).



 Grilled veggies

Stone-grilled steak, nomnomnom

Apple puff pastry with Macadamia nuts ice cream and cinnamon *Q* It was super super delly!

Carquinyolis (Catalan oblong-shaped almond biscuits)

I love it there and I'd love to go back as soon as I can, all the food was amazingly good! I think one of he things I'll miss the most when I'm abroad will be my food, and the food cooked with olive oil in general. I just can't live without it sob, I guess I'll buy bottles and bottles when I leave and put them on my suitcase >_< We usually use it for baking too, so it's most of the times a must in our kitchens. Well, I guess I'll have to learn without it somehow! XD

About today, I finally had my International Relations exam, yaaaaaay! The bed thing is, I realised they were 5 more questions to answer 30 mins before the exam finishes, so I was like FUFUFFUFUUFUFUFU HURRY UP CLAUDIA HURRY UP! So I explained the Holy Bible in the first questions and I did the rest in a hurry ;_; If I had 30 minutres more I would've done a perfect exam! But...! *sigh* Well, I have to keep going though, I have a Chinese literature exam on Thu and I have to do my best again... Let's see how it goes!

I'd say it's enough for today ^_^ As always, thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the pictures of the food and stuff! Don't hesitate to drop me a line or something, I have my comments (even if they're anon) enabled so... Enlighten me, dearies 8D

Love from,



  1. I love the exterior of the restaurant!
    It's so lovely and the food certainly looks yum! I wish I was there. D:

  2. Fa bona pinta el menjar (^Q^)
    Per fi hem acabat els examens d'aquesta setmana \(^o^)/!!

  3. Qué cartas tan bonitas! Debes tener una colección importante, ya! :D
    Una de las cosas que más me llaman la atención de las cartas es el tipo de letra, dice bastante de una persona~

    Jo, qué buena pinta la comida *Q* la verdad es que podemos estar orgullosos de la gastronomía que tenemos!
    Buaaah y hace siglos que no como carquinyolis... aunque siempre me acabo dejando la mitad porque me da miedo romperme algún diente(??)

    Que vaya bien el finde! ^^

  4. *Me encanta ver todas esas cartas* La de los lapices esta genial ^^ El restaurant es hermoso, adoro Spain <3
    Gracias por visitarme, not engo tutorials de mis sobres...cuando recibo alguno que tiene una medida que em gusta, lo desmonto y le hago molde en carton duro o resistente, y luego lo decoras con lo que quieras :)Abrazos


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