5 random photos I took and I love for no apparent reason.

From now on I'll be posting pictures I once took and I automatically fell in love with. I feel like every photo has a story behind, I'm not a professional photographer at all but I still like taking pictures everywhere I go. My poor Samsung Galaxy doesn't help in terms of photo quality, so I'm glad I have my Nikon <3 These pictures will be posted in no specific order (preference or chronological), just because... Well, I'd like to give my blog a photography touch too! So, hope you guys enjoy ^.^

This is Misha! ^-^ Hah well, Misha's paws. Misha is Esther's cat, she's so fat and adorable and defrhyjuhgfds <3 I'm in love with that cat, really, I have so much respect for her. I've always had a thing for taking photos of cats (that's why my Flickr account is called "catslovenikon"!), and obviously, she's not an exception. I like how her paws look here, they're super fluffy and small, aren't they? ^.^

I took this one in the undoukai (sports festival) the Japanese school in Barcelona organized last year. Most of students are Japanese (or mixed) whose parents work here temporarily, so they take all the subjects in Japanese and the enviroment it's exactly as if they were in Japan... But in Barcelona XD As you can see, it's a kid practising kendo. I've always liked this shot, it was my Facebook cover for a long long time! I don't know, I feel like I could stare at it for hours... :)

Last summer I went for a walk with Oscar, we just wandered around the city taking pictures of what we found or what we liked. We came across a group of young people blowing soap bubbles. We both put the high speed burst shooting option and we started taking pictures of them. Well, I got lucky and after a few minutes of patience, I got the result! 8D It's great how can you see the cathedral next to where we were on the inside of the bubble!

I found this beautiful house going uphill in Cork, Ireland (I think there was something interesting on the top). Honestly, there are no words to express how beautiful it is! Blue is honestly the color I hate the most, but after this shot I think I completely changed my mind :)

Finally...! Hehe *giggles*, Peter's eyes ^.^ I took this one next to Abraham Lincoln's Memorial in Washington DC. We were taking a break after hours walking and walking and sightseeing (OMG WHY THE STATES ARE SO BIG? ;A;), I decided to make a photoshoot of him or something (?). He's still bad at posing but well, he'll get better ;) Well, nothing else to add I think, you all know how much I love his slanted brown eyes! I think he was rather looking at me like "Bish wat u doin'" (Honestly I don't remember), but I love the photo anyway~

Well guys, what do you think about this new post? :) Hope you all like it, and feel free to comment with your impressions or special requests for my next one! ^.^ Thanks for reading and well, happy December to you all! Xmas in finally coming, yay! <3




  1. Que mones les potetes del gat! (^o^)

  2. Oh I love this post! My favorite pictures are always the ones featuring people, and this one with the japanese boy is really beautiful. I like how his image is perfectly focused and there seems to be a mist behind him. Also, the cat picture is quite original, I like it!

    I really enjoy photography, so I'll look forward to more posts like this!

  3. great photos



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