Looking forward to the end of the week

I didn't get much things those past weeks, but the ones I get were pretty cute ^_^

First, I got this from Eline from Korea! Her name is Lee Suhyun, but it turns out I have a friend with the same name, so I call her by her English name ^-^ Isn't it cute? We talked about my trip to Korea, and about going out at night haha! 

This one comes from Katja in Slovenia. We swapped postcards not so long ago and she surprised me with a letter last week. Thanks so much deary :D Hehe~ It's so nice to get new snail mailers out of a sudden <3

Mari sent me this letter from Brazil! Yay, it's so nice to have a snail mail pal from Sao Paulo, sounds so exotic to me...! <3 Thank you, obrigada :D

Finally, Chunguo from China sent me three postcards! I love Chinese paintings and I fell in love with his postcard  album, so I couldn't resist to swap more than one >_<!!! Also he added  a typical Chinese papercut on the envelope, thanks sososo much! I don't know where to put it honestly hah, it's too elegant ^_^

I had a really nice weekend, yay! On Staruday I went to a 3-star restaurant with my parents because of my dad's 50th Birthday. I met the chef, Carme Ruscalleda! She was so nice~ Oh, and the waitress we had was Japanese. My mom asked her if she was and then she started showing off that I speak Jap and well, we ended up speaking Japanese lol~ It was a nice dinner overall ^_^ On Sunday Tyler came to my place for lunch, my mom prepared rice with squid... Yumyumyum ^-^ We spent some time together, watched TV, derp a little bit and then I finally visited my grannies.

But the best is still for coming! 8D Today we have a 3-day week! Yay~ First of all, I'm meeting Luke for crêpes on Wednesday. And then I'm organizing a meet-up for going to Vic! ^0^ Vic is a quaint and beautiful small city in the center of Catalonia, it's 1h away from Barcelona by train, they celebrate a medieval fair every year in the 2nd week of December.

I want to show my international (but also my native friends) how is it like ^_^ So I invited as many people as I could! Yay~ Let's see how many of us finally go xD If anyone else wants to come, don't hesitate to tell me! It's so freezin' cold every year, but it's worth it! Last year I went with Peter (he was still here, sob ;_;) and I took really nice pictures~

 Porró. Aka Catalan way to drink wine ;)


Tortilla de Patatas / Spanish Omelette 

Hehe, Petey looks so derpy here~~ <3

Hope the ones I take on Saturday are better! I really enjoy taking shots even if it's the same place :)

Have a lovely December you all <3 I'll start sending Xmas cards soon, so tell me if you want one, alrighty? <3




  1. SO COOL!!

  2. Wow, la carta de la Xina es una pasada!

  3. oww el conejito de esas hojitas esta todo bello!!!


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