Tons of mail and parties

It's been a week since I didn't update this, and I've received many things from many parts of the world too ^_^ Let's start then!

This first letter comes from my dear Ruth Ann from Arizona (USA)! She always uses cute stuff hah, I really like her letter paper! <3

My first letter from Alice in Taiwan! <3 She's studying Spanish at the moment, hope I can help her out! :D She sent me some organic Taiwanese tea, yay! Glad to find new tea bad swappers! <3

My deary Ola from Poland sent me a kind of Xmas pack with some pamphlets and cute stuff ^_^ Thanks so much cutie! She's always teaching me Polish on her letters but honestly it's too much for my head hah XD I will mail your stuff back after Xmas, alright? :D

I finally got Erin Elizabeth's letter, YAY! ^-^ She's from Australia, so it took a lot of time to arrive sob... but it was definitely worth it :D She's such an artist, isn't she? I loved her doodles omg, I wish I could go back to drawing and still be this good ;_; I envy her sosososo much! 

Tiffany from Califonia (USA) sent me her second letter! I just loved the envelope, it's super duper cute ;A; Again, why we don't have such cute things in Spain?! I've always loved her handwriting hah, looks so classy :) 

I finally got Susan's leter, yay! She's from the Philippines but she's always lived in the Netherlands. She went to Rome not so long ago and attached a postcard with the letter. Thanks so much ^^^

Last but not least... Joy's letter finally came ;A; It took a month to arrive sob, but it's finally here! I never waited such a long time for a letter from Singapore, that was really strange. Anyway, I finally got it, and that's what it matters: D

Thanks everyone for the letters, I have to buy some letter paper to reply everyone, so plz be patient! I guess I'll send it all after Xmas, maybe the 26th or the 27th...? 

So...! New things happened to me? Well, yes indeed! Xmas holidays are coming soon (030)! Today I finally finished my Chinese Thinking project (YAY ME!), but I have lots of things to do after this winter break, so I wouldn't call it a "break" at all -_- Well, moving on! Last Friday Raquel threw a farewell party, since she's going (well, she went) back to Galicia (her hometown) with Tyler. So, we celebrated a party at her place c:

(Phone quality image, forgive me ;_;)

We had a really nice dinner, I prepared ddeokbokki (that red paste you see on the right) and Yehua brought Siau Mai(dfghjkljhgfd I love dim sum ;_;). Oh, and I also baked those muffins you see right here, they could look better but... They were delly anyway ^_^

The next day (Saturday) I invited my buds to come to have dinner to my place, since my parents left the whole weekend. Tyler, Raquel, Esther and Luke came, and we made burritos and nachos (again!). They were super delly dfhyjuhygfdg (Why am I so good at cooking?!??!! lol). Also, Luke brought Russian Tea cakes, the best thing I have ever tasted ;A; PRAISE THE LORD!

(pic not mine, lol)

It's made of Pecan nuts, butter, flour and powdered sugar. I swear you all ti's the best thing i have ever tasted ;_;~~ Sob... Thanks Luke, love you lots! <3

And well... Speaking of me... I have to be honest XD I met Esther this weekend for baking cookies, we were supposed to bake this and bring it to class, since she's leaving to Japan soon and Xmas is coming. So, turns out she read "3 cups of baking soda" instead of "1/2 teaspoon baking soda"... Result? BIG FAIL X_X  Like, hard.

We cried so hard, and the worst of it all was, we didn't even notice they were horrible! We didn't want to taste em until the end and well... We failed ;_;~ I want to make it up somehow, but since Esther is going to Japan tomorrow (YES, I'M SUPER EXCITED EFRGTHYJUKHGFDSDFG MY BESTIE IS MAKING MY DREAM COME TRUE ;A; So proud of her, hope she has lots of fun!) I'll make some hazelnut brownies for Christmas. I don't trust my oven, but my baking moral says I have to make it up for this mess ;_; Let's see how it works!

Hmm I think I'm not missing anything, am I? Oh yeah, NEW YEAR'S WISHLIST! I fell for this Mango dress... I want it for New Year's night! ^_^

Get out Kate Moss, I want that dress c:

My dad starts his holidays tomorrow (sdgfhjlokjhgfd jelly) so I'll beg him to take me to the mall and buy it c:

Argh, I'm so excited but nervous at the same time! Xmas is coming, but that means spending money, preparing stuff, cleaning up the house when my guests come... Stuff like that ;_; Hah well, hope you're looking forward to my following posts, I'll be describing how we celebrate Christmas in Catalunya/Spain! :) How do you guys celebrate it by the way?

Lots of love and have great winter holidays you all! <3



  1. Cada vez me gusta más tu blog! :3 El diseño es muy bonito! Y siempre es agradable leer sobre las cosas que recibes~
    Y ya si añades fotos de tus platos *Q* omnomnom
    qué cocinillas estás hecha! hehe

    Qué suerte que tu amiga vaya a Japón! Espero que lo pase genial y que le vaya bien! ^^ aunque seguro que así será~

    Ánimo con los trabajos pendientes y demás! Al menos en Navidad nos quitamos de madrugar tanto :_D jaja
    Que tengas felices fiestas bonita!


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  2. Russian Tea Cakes are the best!! I love them. You got wonderful mail! I loved the doodles and the one with the cherry blossom leaves on it! I haven't received your letter yet, but I'm sure it will get here soon! Take care! Tee


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