Christmas Day: How we celebrate it

Yesterday it was one of the best days I must say :) I woke up around 12am and we got ready for going to granny's. OH! Small reminder, in Spain we have lunch later than in the rest of the world (around 2/3pm instead, and we have dinner around 9/10pm), so don't get scared if it was 12 and I hadn't eaten yet XD 

I took a selca with mommy when we were waiting for dad to pick us up from the garage. Yeah, we're not really alike, but we're sooooo simmilar when it comes to 

This is how granny's table looked like. She prepared yummy salad as appetizer  \(´ ▽ ` )

Then it came the typical sopa de galets I explained on the last post! Is just soup with those pasta shells called "galets". There's the tradition in my family to eat it with cheese on top, so it melts~~ It might sound weird to you but I swaer it's super duper yummy! <3 ( ^▽^)

The second dish is what we know as "carn d'olla": A typical Catalan dish consisting of the leftovers of the soup (chicken, hen, pork, ham, beef, bones...) . We mix it with potato, "morcilla" (Black pudding) and chickpeas,  

Third but not least is my granny's roasted chicken with raisins, plums and pinenuts~ There's no need to mix it if you don't want to, but it's highly reccomended!

Then "turrón" as a dessert ^_^

Later we went to my auntie's to visit the other side of the family (the ones who are coming to my place today!). They were like... 15 or so haha, we're such a big family! We played Buzz! and Just Dance for Wii together, it's a huuuuuge tradition :)

My 8 year-old cousin Alex begging me to play Wii with him XD (His older brother Victor on the back lol People says he looks like Iker Casillas XD What do you think?)

My cousin's husband had his inspi-moment and took a photoshoot to this red candle (?)

So that's what my Christmas Day consist in :) Today it's"San Esteban"/St. Steve's Day (aka Boxing Day in England). Is just another family meeting for us in Catalonia! My mom's side is coming to my place this time, so I'll take lots of pictures today too :) Hope you guys had enjoyed it, and plz don't hesitate to tell me what you think of the pictures! <3 Thanks for reading and visiting and hope you had a great Christmas Day!




  1. tot te molt bona pinta!
    Nosaltres fem els galets per sopar la nit del 24 :) i canelons haha pero bueno tothom menja el mateix aquests dies >O<


  2. OMG!!! All of them look so great!:) I admire you~!! Really, I can see you had such a great time!!:D

    1. Thanks so much ahah, I really had a great time, thanks ^_^

  3. Tienes mucho parecido con tu abuela :D y que linda mesa. Por cierto, tu primo si se parece a Casillas jejeje :D

    1. Mi abuela? Haha bueno, la mujer de la foto es mi madre...! XD Y si gracias, tooooodo el mundo se lo dice ;) Feliz Navidad Yina! <3

  4. Ñam ñam, me gusta turrón! I ate it two years ago with chrismas in madrid and it was so awesome!


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