St. Steve's Day/Boxing Day: How we celebrate it

Two days ago we had our last family gathering in a row. Here it's known as "San Esteban" (St. Steve's Day), but in the UK is known as Boxing Day. We don't so anything in particular tbh, as always... just family gathering and have fun with them :)
This is how my table looked like, some jamón, white asparagus, cheese and salad as appetizers.

The main course was, as always, the typical "Sopa de Galets", so I'm skipping that part. We also had seasoned ham with mashed potatoes and applesauce.

 Mom prepared it, it was delicious ^_^

I always have so much fun with this part of the family. Since my dad doesn't have any brothers or sisters, I never had anyone play with when I was a kid, so sometimes it gets pretty boring. However, I have 9 cousins in my mom's side family, and we've always got on well :)

8 year-old Alex, 28 year-old Alberto (yes, he's 29 lol) and me XD I love them <3

18 year-old Sara. She's the cousin I get along with best. Isn't she pretty? 

 My uncle wasn't paying attention it seems...

As we've always done, we played Trivial Pursuit after the dessert. It's our favourite board game so far (with Taboo), and we make groups of 4 or 5 people. We can play and play for ages, but some of my relatives had to work the following day so they left. It was a great day after all, I always have so much fun with my family. I'm gonna miss this so much once I go to Korea :\

Well, I'm going to write a snail mail post soon, I got tons of mail yesterday and I should start replying as soon as possible :) Next Christmas-related post it'll be about New Year's, and our curious and unique way to celebrate it in Spain. Keep an eye on my blog and have a nice 2013 everyone! <3




  1. Me gusta esto de explicar cómo celebramos la Navidad por aquí! Seguro que a muchos seguidores de otros países les parece muy interesante ^^
    En mi familia tampoco hacemos gran cosa en San Esteban, yo creo que después de tanta comilona apetece algo más ligero... hehe
    Eso sí! Como dices en la entrada anterior, hay cosas que no pueden faltar, como la sopa de galets *-* omnomnom
    O las carnes al horno!

    Me alegro de que disfrutes tanto de la familia, la verdad es que sienta muy bien reunirse todos en ocasiones así ^^ y más si te vas de intercambio! Aprovecha, aprovecha~

    A ver si te van llegando más cositas de correos! ^^ ánimo con lo que tengas que enviar también~

    Que sigas pasando unas felices fiestas! :D
    Nos vemos! <3


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