Pre-Xmas incoming and Medieval Market

This week I gome some awesome mail, yay ^_^ First, I got Anna's letter!

She also sent me three vintage postcards fghjkl,jmnhgfd I just loved them ;_; Mom saw them and she wanted to have one and I said NO C: IT'S FROM ANNA... (giggles) lol I really liked them sweetie! That reminds me I have to send her some stuff she's been looking forward to! e_e I'm gonna send it with Petey's package, yay~

My second letter came from Insa in Germany!

I got some Xmas tea with her letter! (lol the pics look horrible, I took them in early morning, I don't know what I was thinking x_x) I tasted it on Friday with Raquel and Tyler and I loved it ^_^ It was Rooibos with a touch of orange and cinnamon <3 I love spicy teas! It was my first letter from her and as you can see we have sooooo many things to talk about XD I'm glad!

This third letter is from Alexis in Texas (USA)! Yay ^_^

Thanks for the stickers and the HK memos~ She's always so sweet and punctual with her letters, I always appreciate that :)  Hope she gets my letter back before Xmas!

So, my weekend (as always) started on Friday :) I had Nachos Day with Raquel and Tyler, hell yeah 8D~~ We made burritos and we bought nachos&some dippin sauces. Ugh, we were suuuuuper full but happy!

However, the best part of the weekend was yesterday. I organized and International Meet-Up (thingy lol) and we all went to Vic ^_^ We were finally 10, so it was better than expected: Yehua, Qing Ling (China) Jill (Taiwan), Natsuki, Hanae (Japan) Tyler (US), Lucas (half lol c: USA/Spain), Esther (The Netherlands/USA/Spain/Narnia c:) and the Spaniards: Raquel, Àngel and me.

It was really nice, the weather wasn't as cold as expected! ^_^ It was super crowded (just like every year), but it was full of nommy food and cool things to see~

Cute floral tiaras~~ ^_^

We stopped for lunch in a park. Tyler and Lucas became Amurrikan buds (hah)!

Jill is so incredibly pretty <3

Esther & me <3

Tyler hates photos, but he can't leave without a decent picture of us~ ò_ó

I had so much fun with them, hope we can do something together again :) About me, I think I might get busy anytime soon, we have to do things well before winter holidays, don't you think? I'll catch up with mail soon, start some projects, study a little bit... I'm kind of scared though, things aren't as cool as they seem ;_; Plus, the results for my exchange program thingy won't be out until Feb 1st! ugh, someone give me patience! Well, we have to be positive though, family gatherings soon, cool moments, some money too... (I need money ;A; I'm so desperate lol), so hey! Let's smile and face  December, things will be back to normal (aka back to relaxing) in two weeks :) 

Thanks everyone for reading <3 I really appreciate the time you take to read my blog, really! Anons and comments are more than welcomed!

Love you all,



  1. OHHH me encanta el mensaje que tiene la cartita de Texas, es un detalle lindo! Nachos y burritos? ohhh mi dios, que belleza! ^^ yam! besitos desde Mexico! ^^

  2. Great mail! I need to start catching up on mine. School has been killing me lately :(

  3. Hola Claudia! Gracias por tu mensajito en mi blog! El tuyo es muy bonito! Yo soy un poco vaguilla y actualizo poco jeje.
    Besos desde Euskadi!


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