Christmas Eve: How we celebrate it

Merry Christmas everyone ^_^ Hope you all get lot of presents and yummy food! Good news too, I'm on holidays already, hehe~! I have several things to tell you but, I want to dedicate this post to this special Christmas week if you don't mind. Here in Catalonia/Spain we have family meals 3 days in a row: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and St. Steve's Day (aka Boxing Day in England). Many people has asked me what do we eat those days, and well, those 3 following posts will show you how we celebrate it and what do we do! This is the first one, I'll publish the next tonight, and the last one tomorrow :) Hope you like them!

Well, this is how my living room looked like before my relatives arrived. 

 My mom insisted in putting those bling bling stars as a decoration lol

 Jamón, jamón as an appetizer...! Yumyumyum sooooo Spanish, isn't it? :)

Then we started with the real Xmas Eve meal :) Enjoy the pictures!
(Note: THIS IS NOT WHAT EVERYONE HAS, of course. Every family varies the meal depending on what they like or their traditions, so don't take this meal as a fixed one ^_^). 

Sopa de Galets farcits (Filled-pasta shells soup)

 Lluç amb llagostins i cloïsses (Hake with prawns and clams)

 White chocolate and macadamia nuts cookies I baked! They don't look that good tbh, but I swear they were super delicious ^_^

We had turrón and chocolates as a dessert. Turrón (aka nougat) is basically a typical Christmas sweet made of honey, sugar and nuts. That's the original one (the ocher), but there are many different kinds! The one which looks toasted is made of marzipan and egg yolk, the light ocher in the middle is made of almonds and the one in the top of the dish is chocolate. 

So yeah, that's how we celebrated it :) Obviously, everything was delicious (mom is the best, wahahaha <3). Hope you like the entry! Today (Christmas Day) I'm going to my granny's so you'll see how we REALLY celebrate Christmas in Catalunya, that's gonna be a real traditional Catalan Christmas meal :) I'm really looking forward to it, granny's a master! <3

Sorry for the short entry, I'll explain more stuff tonight and tomorrow, alright? Enjoy and hope you're all having a great day <3


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