Letters, sweaters and good company

Mail this week! ^-^ Wee hee~

First letter comes from Sam in Michigan! <3 She sent me some belated Halloween stuff. It's a pity it's 2 weeks late but I appreciate it anyway! :D

Second letter today comes from Grace in Taiwan! I'm so glad I finally have a Taiwanese snail mail pal, you guys don't know how many postcards I swapped with Taiwanese people, and now I finally have one ^_^ The letter paper was adorable!

The third but not least is from Ji Yeong in Korea <3 Ji Yeong is such a lovely girl, we've been in touch for ages now, but we started snail mailing not so long ago. She's a nice girl to talk with and we usually swap postcards. This time, she sent me a postcard from Haeundae Beach in Busan and Baechu Kimchi ;A; *drools* 너무 고마워요, 지영아~~ <3 I'd love to meet her in Korea when I go there ^_^ 

Last weekend didn't start out well at all, I went to the doctor for something it happened on Friday, but it's nothing serious so, everything's fine :) Lucas was definitely the one who made my weekend! I met him when we were in primary school, he was 1 year younger than me but well, I obviously knew him from there (in Europe, primary schools aren't that big! Haha). We lost contact when we both went to different high schools, but one day we came across each other on the street! He was with a friend in common, and we both were like... "I know you, I think I know you...!". Then we added each other on FB and well.... To be honest we actually started talking nearly summer, and it's a pity! D: He's such a nice guy to talk with, and HEY! He's trilingual! I envy him so much (sob)~ So yeah, the thing is, I finally met him this weekend! He's just the cute blond kid I remembered, but older (of course)! ^-^ We went for a walk and stuff, it was a great chance to get to know him! 

Later i met my friends in the mall, they went there for shopping and stuff (yay! Claudia likes 8D)~ We went to a Japanese restaurant for lunch, I got tempura soba, yumyum!

Later I got some matcha bubble tea, I missed it so bad! ;A;

Super low quality lol... Blame Instagram D: sob

Also I bought myself this cute sweater on H&M! I loved it because it's so different from the colors I'm used to wear! ^-^ I usually tend to wear rather beige, brown, grey or white clothes so, I added a little bit of color to my closet~ 

Actually there's nothing much to tell this week haha! I've been watching Breaking Bad lately, I really like this serie! I watched 1st Season already and honestly it's a masterpiece...! However, is kind of tough and traumatizing lol D: (Or maybe is just me that I'm sensitive... No idea!). Anyway, I'll take my time to watch it, I want to start doing some uni work for December so I don't have to rush things later! I don't know how to start though lol, but I guess I can make it :) I also want to watch Evangelion, also the movies 1.1. and 2.2.!~ Sigh, so many things to do...;_;

Well I guess I should leave this here today :) Once again, I'll never get tired of saying it, thanks for reading everyone! Some comments would be great too but I know you guys read at least ;3 (?) Take care and happy November! Time to go download Once Upon a Time, hehe! c:




  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. You got great mail and I love the sweater that you got. If you're up to more snail mail friends, please message me! I would love to exchange letters with you!

  2. -Que bonito tu blog! y que hermoso mail recibes!! ^^ gracias por pasar al mio, te sigo desde ahora!

    1. Gracias Elizabeth ahah, un placer tenerte entre mis followers ^_^ Un beso!


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