Relaxing, dad's b-day and two letters from the States

I'm so happy I'm finally free...! :) I feel so relieved now that my exams are done, I had a really nice weekend so I guess I can't complain at all. I started Breaking Bad, which I wanted to start a long time ago. I liked it so far (2 episodes lol!), and I got the feeling I'll like it more as the serie goes by :) On Saturday I celebrated my dad's 50th Birthday. We celebrated it at home, we made a special dinner with the family and stuff. I cooked one of his favourite things as appetizers, Chinese dumplings (aka jiaozi)!

I made spring rolls too, but they didn't end up as I expected. They were super crunchy but visually they were kind of derp, haha.


Tomorrow I don't have class so, I'll try to make Vietnamese spring rolls: Gỏi cuốnI miss the ones Lynn (Peter's mom) prepared me, and since I still have rice paper sheets, I'll try to make them as accurate as possible! It's not a difficult recipe, so hope it looks good ^_^ NOMNOMNOM~ On Thursday I'm meeting a friend and we're going to the best Chinese restaurant in the city. I just want to get full of Xiaolongbao and delly soup noodles! ^-^ Finally on Friday I'm meeting another friend to have a coffee, it's been a long time I wanted to see him, so yay! :D I like this feeling hah, it seems I'm socializing more these days! (Yay Claudia, you're doing your best!).

Also, I got two letters this week. The first one comes from Idaho, in the USA from Michelle. I swapped postcards with her once, and we became penpals not so long ago :)

She loves tea just like me so, I'll send her a teabag! I really like swapping teabags with my penpals haha, it gives me the chance to taste different kinds of tea (since in Spain is not a big thing...). For example, today I tasted Genmaicha for the first time! Katherine from SF sent me a bag and I love it now :) It's basically Japanese roasted brown rice tea. It's weird at the beginning but then I loved it! Let's see if I can find it somewhere in Barcelona, I kind of want more right now ;_;!!!

This one comes from Tiffany in Cali, USA. She's such a kind girl to talk to, I loved the letter paper and she's so pretty too! ;_; Isn't it cute?

Well, it's time to go now! But as always, thanks for reading and everything ^_^ Today it's been a weird day, we had the exchange program conference but honestly it wasn't worth it. They didn't give us much info and I'm kind of frustrated about it. I guess I'll just apply for HUFS (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies) or SNU (Seoul National University) and let's see how it goes! Glad I went to buy stationary and postcards with Raquel later haha, it's a way to relax and go back to real life instead of obsessing over my unsure future. I also bought Xmas cards for swapping with my friends, it's the first time I do that but I love the idea ^_^ So, if anyone wants to get one, don't hesitate to drop me a line!

Take care you all, winter is coming!


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