Freedom and a tiny surprise from the other side of the world

I can't believe it...! I'm free! No exams, no projects... For two weeks! Yay! ^-^ I'm not on holidays but hey, it's a relief! This week it's been pretty moody in terms of weather (appart from my own mood lol), it's been raining but we also had cold temperatures for November (6ºC in the mornings x_x)... And sunny days too! Last Tuesday I was studying and I suddenly saw a beautiful cloudy pink sky by the window, so I just picked up my camera and  took some shots.

Actually is just the sunset, but I really liked the light and everything :) I just wanted to stare at the sky for hours, but I had to study for my Chinese Modern Literature exam on Thursday (which was pretty good I guess!). It was worth it so, time to smile, relax and catch up with my postcard and letter swaps!

Today I got a reaaaally big surprise on my mail. I found a box coming from New Zealand. First I was like, okay... What is this? Then I realised my NZ/Filipino friend Emilio was supposed to send me a letter... But just a letter! :O So I just picked it up and go upstairs. Let's see what this buddy just sent to me...

Well, so this was the package. I opened it and OMG FOR GOD'S SAKE WHAT IS THIS?!?!

An Ebook? WTF no... I can't believe he bought me one, this must be a joke xD

Uh okay, it was c: *phew* But OMFGFGFGFG CANDYYYYYYY WOOT WOOT 8D *Jumps around* And awww, there's a letter and a postcard too aww Emilio why you so sweet ;A;

It was a veeeeeery good star for a "rookie" (as he calls himself!). I''ll try to send some stuff back, he definitely deserves it :D I have a fw ideas of what to send back, but probably he's gonna read this so ;) Hope you like it once you got it, buddy!

Appart from that, I'm excited! Tomorrow it's my dad's 50th birthday (well, tomorrow 10th Nov, it's actually 1 am already lol). I'm in charge of preparing the best dumplings ever, and I'm gonna do it ;) He loves the ones I prepare and it's pretty simple so, I'll update this very soon :) Well, what else for this weekend? Hmm, not much, I Skyped with Dave for the first time today, he wants to trade Spanish classes for Reeses lol and sounds like a good deal so, I'll be more than happy to help him with Spanish. I also want to take a translator job from home I found on my faculty, the salary per translation is pretty legit so I'll do my best :) 

It seems Karma is getting balanced again, yay! I've had a veeeeer y bad week and well, now things are back to normal again.Tyler bruh helped a lot too, his mom sent him a package with so much American crap: MY DEAREST CHEESY NACHOS AND REESES NOMNOM <3 He also gave me two TAZO tea bags, I've seen this brand on Starbucks but not on supermarkets here! It's a pity because it's sooooo good :\ However, I need time to relax and sleep a bit, I need it...! Tomorrow I'm gonna wake up whenever my body says, no alarm clocks, no anything! Just enjoy my time with the family and friends :) i had a good day too, I met Jay who I haven't seen in months...! I met him when I was in high school and he's a really good friend! I've never taken a photo with him because he's sooooooo anti-photos but, in case you guys are curious, this is his blog! :) (He writes in Spanish though).

Well guys, as usual, thanks everyone for reading <3 Take care and have a good November!



  1. Son molt maques les fotos dels nuvols!
    Jo a vegades també en faig hahaha
    Ostres! si que t'arriven paquets, pero la veritat es que es molt emocionant arrivar a casa i trobar que per fi ha arrivat ^^

    1. Siii la veritat és que quan has tingut un mal dia i els veus allà és un... Bien ^_^ Haha~ M'agrada molt fer-ho, t'endus moltes sorpreses i coneixes a gent molt maca! :D

      Que passis un bon finde, Marina ^_^ <3

  2. hola desde portugal!!!
    me encanta la fotografia tmb!

    uno de mis blogs:

    acá puedes mirar mis clouds fotos:

    voy seguir tu blog, besitos****


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