Last days with my loved one

Peter is going back home in a week, awww D': That's why I don't stop taking pictures of us and the places we visit. I use his iPhone of course since the quality is way better than my shitty Galaxy I'm going to get rid of once I arrive to Korea lol Yesterday we went to a very special spot in the city, a place I talked about in another post . This place is super special to us, as it's the place I took Peter to in our first date. Well, we were friends by that time so I don't know if it should be considered a date XD Also it was the day when we both realised there was something special between us, that we had good chemistry :) Well, 2 years later we visited the place again.

We mainly took selfies tbh haha (We've both been to the place before, and well... We're not going to see each other in a year, so >_<) 


Hehehehehe <3

We ate out most of the days as well, since we don't feel like cooking in summer hahahaha.  We went back to my campsite in the weekend, we had a great time with my friends and family again ^^ This time we had the special company of Daniela, my cousin's 2 year-old daughter! We all played with bubbles and tried to teach her how to blow them. She always blew too hard and she got mad every time though >.<

My uncle (&her grandpa!) 

Peter and I tried to teach her too, but she was way too focused on doodling the road with chalk haha

Fly, fly to the sky...!

We joined her later and we drew a "swaggy zone" on the road... She seemed to like it haha

I tried to get in too lol

I'm an artist (?)

*sigh* My Petey! 

That night we have a special meal for dinner... Grilled sardines and mussels, yumyum! My uncle is a BBQ master, so he made sure we all enjoy them :B

We also had  a special sauce made of olive oil, garlic and parsley...

 Our beloved "gazpacho"...

 Fresh sardines...

...and mussels!  ♥ ♥

Peter's finally going back home on Thursday. I have to confess these days I've been very moody, due to obvious reasons. Being in a long distance relationship isn't easy at all, but well... No one said it was easy! He had a great time in Spain, and I'm happy we spend those five weeks together. I'm happy we both invest so much on our relationship, and that's what it matters. It's gonna be difficult going back to our Skype&mails routine, but we have no choice! As I said, we both have things to do :) I think I've never written about my relationship with Peter, so I'll write a post about us very very soon.

Hope everyone's enjoying summer! Once again, thanks for reading! Hope you all have a lovely August ^_^


CL  ♥


  1. Ca bonics ca sou ;3;
    I d'awwww se't veu super "madraza"(?) amb la filla de la teva cosina xD Ca cuquis les fotos c:
    Ànims Gemeh! <3

  2. awwww me dejas con ganas de saber más y sobre como se conocieron :D lindas fotos como siempre, me alegra que hayan tenido esas maravillosas 5 semanas :D un abrazo preciosa.

  3. Great photos! (:
    Thanks for your comment, I believe they have round glasses like that at Bershka.

    x Eline


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