Summer village n' shopping

I'm having a wonderful time with my family and Peter this week :) We're in the summer village I always spend my holidays in, in the north of Catalonia (Costa Brava area). He's loving the place so far! We have great and fresh food, warm but windy weather (so it's not super sticky) and many things to do. For example, a BBQ! ^_^ Last weekend my cousin came back from Regensburg (she lives in Bayern, Germany with her boyfriend since he works there as an engineer), so they brought back some authentic German sausages, yumymum!


Also big pieces of bacon, hehehehehe…

My cousin had some sausages left though! :P So today in the morning we had a typical Bavarian breakfast: Weisswurst & HÄndlmaier sauce (something like a sweet mustard)… Simply delicious! I just had three because I told myself to stop, otherwise I would've eaten the 20 of them XD

Later today we went to Palamós, the village next to mine (and bigger, haha) to celebrate my parent's 24th Anniversary. I just love this place, it looked so quiet and beautiful today…!

We had lunch at a rather fancy restaurant for the occasion :) We had watermelon gazpacho as a starter…

Our classic and mandatory "Pa amb tomàquet" (as good Catalans :B)

And finally our main courses :) my dad, Pete, my cousin's boyfriend and I ordered "arroz negro" (rice with squid ink), one of the best Spanish dishes along with "paella" (with very similar ingredients too). 

Last but not least, my wild berries sorbet <3 So tasty but I couldn't finish it… I was too full x_x

Pete and I after our good but heavy meal ^_^ (I don't have my iron with me these days so I forgot about my bangs hahaha).

Then we walked around the village for a bit and we went back to the campsite we're in.

Now I want to show you guys the last things I bought myself, since this last Saturday I went to a flea market and I bought myself some new stuff:

This black lace jacket I fell in love with <3 I'm a lace lover so when I saw it I couldn't hesitate to buy it x_x

Those homemade painted sneakers were only 4€! I don't know if the drawing will fade with water, rain or other products, so I'll try to be careful when I wear them!

I got this green vintage dress from my aunt. She bought me a purse I didn't like for my birthday, so I went back to the store and I changed it for something I actually like. When I saw it there I didn't think it twice… I grabbed the dress, found my size and straight to the fitting room! Luckily it looked great, yay! I've always wanted a dress like this ^_^

And oh! I bought myself those flats in a friend's Asos Marketplace website (sorry for the super-bad quality >_<). Laia is a well-known blogger in Catalonia (and Spain I bet too!) who sells her clothes on this website. I thought those are totally my style so I bought them the next day I saw, them haha! Fortunately I know Laia in person, and since we're almost neighbors I went to her place to pick em up (I saved shipping money, yay!). You totally should check out her blog if you like fashion :)

And this is all by now! I'm having a great time with my family and boyfriend, so I guess I can't complain at all. I know this time will be over eventually, but I should be positive about it and see how much I'm enjoying my summer vacation this year. It'll be hard once he's back home but well… We all have things to do this upcoming semester :) Hope things go as good as expected!




  1. Your hair looks awesome! And that dress is wonderful :) I love printed dresses. I have this one dress that has bird silhouettes on the skirt. :)

    Good luck with Korea again, btw! If you've got the extra cash while you're here in Asia, drop by Singapore! :D


  2. Is Pete your boyfriend and is he Spanish? You two look amazing together :)

    1. He is my boyfriend but he isn't Spanish haha, he's American born Vietnamese. Thanks for the comment, anon ^_^


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