June snail mail update

This was one of the best small packages I got in a very long time :) Jennifer is my penpal from New Mexico, the state where Breaking Bad takes place. Breaking Bad is one of my favourite TV series, so she sent me a postcard of Walter White (the main character), small polaroids with pictures of the places where the series has been filmed... And two ounces of meth! lol jk haha, it's just candy :) They also use this candy in the show, I haven't tasted it yet (I don't want to, I want to keep it forever lol >_<) but I bet it's delicious *.* Thanks so much Jen, you're the best ;)

After losing contact with Yanill (Florida), she finally sent me a letter! *-* I'm so happy she did, I hate when letters get lost and you just stop talking with a penpal you really liked... She is Hispanic, so we usually write our letters in Spanglish, hehe! Gracias mi amor, espero que recibas mi respuesta pronto :)

Ploi's letter from Thailand was very punctual this time ^_^ She went to the beach last week and had some time with her friends before starting summer school. Well done! <3 

Stacie and I did a 3x3 postcard swap via Postcrossing Facebook.  I'm a Taiwan lover and I will always be (lol), and its history just fascinates me! So I got those three historical postcards: Sun Yatsen proclaiming the Three Principles of the People (top), portrait of Chiang Kai Shek (left) and young Sun Yatsen with the flag of the old Republic of China (right).

 This time Kim from California sent me this Ned Flanders postcard ^_^ I'm left-handed (just like him) and I've always wanted a postcard from the Simpsons, so when I saw it in her postcard album I didn't hesitate to pick it! Yay lefties <3

Katie and I have always been in touch (even if it's on Facebook or IP). I met her on Interpals when I started with this postcard thing, and we send postcards to each other every once in a while. This time she sent me a postcard from Lviv ^_^  Thank you!

Trine from Norway sent me two postcards from Edvard Munch. I love Munch and I'm an art history lover, so I really liked those two postcards she picked for me. She's great, isn't she? :)

This is Vivien's last letter before I move to Korea :) I'm gonna write her back and she's gonna reply once I'm settled there. I loved the letter paper she picked this time ^_^ Her letter paper is always so kawaii <3

Now time for postcards ^_^

Aussie flag and night view of Sydney, from Kristi (top) and Tiffany (botton) 

Beautiful cartoon postcard from Hong Kong. Thank you Michelle! <e

Swiss and German postcards from Postcrossing 

 Czech postard from Postcrossing and Northern Irish postcard from my dear Nathan :)

Cute cartoon postcard from Georgia (USA), thank you Bonney ^_^


  1. The Breaking Bad Mail looks awesome! I'm rather jelous

  2. My dear claudia, I've sent your letter on Friday morning ! :) I hope it reaches you soon! xx

  3. A mi esposo también le encanta Breaking Bad, yo por el contrario nunca la vi :D un abrazo...


  5. Snail mails are really quite useful and fun to use for catching up with old buddies. :)


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