Oh Paris, oh Paris...

Sorry for this super late post! Yes, I know it's been a long time I don't update this, and I blme myself for not doing it! But honestly I'm living in a fairytale right now haha, so I barely step into my place anymore. My boyfriend Peter came to visit two weeks ago and we're always going up and down, visiting places, eating out and such... I'm having a great time with him, I don't want to imagine howit's gonna be my life without him again! He lives in my place at the moment, so it's going to be tough going back to my routine :\ 

Back to fairytales and rainbows (haha), last week I visited Paris with him :) We both had visited the city before, but separately, so this time we bought a cheap flight  fromanairlineIdon'treccomend (ahem ahem) and we spent 3 days there ^_^ 

(I dipdyed my hair by the way! ^_^ Can you guys tell? Haha)

Louvre museum

We had Indian food our first night! Curry frog legs for sharing, curry lamb with basmati rice for Pete and lamb biryani for me!

The next day we went to the famous shopping mall Lafayette. It's rather a luxury mall just like Harrods, but it's way more impressive in the inside *0* Isn't that crystal dome beautiful?

I was a simple Spanish peasant there lol, but Pete took a picture of me with a CHANEL bag, hahaha XD (He bought perfumes for his family).

Later that day we decided to spend the money in a real & fancy French dinner. So we went to Île-Saint-Louis, an island in the middle of the Seine to have a good meal. Before that we walked around the tiny island, known for its beautiful tiny shops & bars.

We ate some super-duper delicious ice creams before dinner ^_^ Paris is definitely not an ice-cream country but omg, those were definitely worth it! <3 I picked peach and Pete picked praliné.amaretto

Our fancy French dinner: Salad as a starter,Beef bourguignon for Pete and salmon in champagne sauce for me.

Then we walked around for a little bit more, and we shared a sugar crÊpe :)

Beautiful sunset from the island <3 *sigh*

The third day was also our last day, awww :( We got up early because we wanted to see many things before leaving to the airport. We started with a fancy French breakfast ^_^ I bought a "croque monsieur" and Pete bought the most creamy and delicious "quiche lorraine" we have ever had *-*

You see how thick and creamy it is?wergthyjukjhgfreds

His quiche was utterly delicious but I picked something lighter for breakfast ^-^

Then we went straight to the must of Paris... The worldwide-known Eiffel Tower ^_^

There was a very quite and beautiful park in the sorroundings of the monument,  with security guards walking around the area (unlike the way to the metro, which was full of scammers and trickers playing threee-card monte and stuff like that :\

 Finally we said goodbye to Paris eating the most delicious foreign food in the city... Vietnamese food! :) Since Vietnam was (obviously) a French colony in the old times, there are many Viet inmigrants in the city, so you can find a wide variety of food from the country, no matter if it's Tonkinese or Saigonese!

The first day we had phở for lunch, so this time we went for "Bún riêu cua" <3 I really missed GOOD Vietnamese food! 

The visit overall was amazing: Last time I went it was for a concert, so I barely had time to visit the whole city. Fortunately this time I visited with my loved one, and we had more time to do sightseeing and wander around :) We had a trouble with a guy on the metro though, he was disguised as part of the metro stuff and he sold us a one-way ticket thinking we were buying a 3-day travelcard... But well! I guess it's one of the bad parts of being a tourist, right? Next time we'll be more careful :)

It was a pleasure travelling with my boyfriend. We had a great time together and we didn't have a restricted schedule (we just improvised the whole time). I'm proud to say we make a great team, hehe ^_^ He's going to be here for 3 weeks more, so I'll keep updating this with our adventures around Europe! Next stop... Madrid!




  1. Que bueno que lo estén pasando bien! :D
    Espero ver las fotos de sus siguientes paradas en Europa (:

  2. Love the pictures! Looked liek you and your boyfriend had such a wonderful time. I've been to France before, but never Paris. I want to visit that city so bad!

  3. Oh my, You and Peter are so adorable. :D
    Scammers are a disgrace to their countries.Actually in general, I just find anyone who takes advantage of tourists completely selfish and unreasonable. But anyway! Glad you had a fantastic time in Paris, it does seem like a lovely city!

  4. the food! oh my oh my! so photogenic haha. seems like a wonderful city! so jealous of your travels! great photos

  5. Genial que bonitas fotos espero algún día conocer Paris muy romantico todo me imagino que debe ser como la pelicula Amelie


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