Sant Joan

It is said the night of the 23rd June is the shortest of the year. Do you believe it? Even if it's true or not, that night was one of the most special nights in a long long time! As I explained in my last post, Sant Joan is one of the most famous festivities in Catalonia (also in Spain), when people plays with firecrackers and watches the fireworks with friends and/or family. As for me, my friends and I went to Lisa's apparment in Calafell, a village next to the sea near from Barcelona (1h by train). We all met on Saturday to take the train together. We were super excited ^_^

My friend Àngel and I listening to Ayumi Hamasaki ^-^

The view from the apparment

After dinner we all went for a walk along the seaside promenade, we bought crepes and we nommed em at home ^-^

My bestie <3 

 me (creepy ace lol), Esther, Angel and Lisa

Sand figures :)

 I'm gonna get a 10 scoop-ice cream someday... I PROMISE! X_X

Our beloved creperie <3


The next day we went to the  beach in the morning. The sun was shining and the weather was (fairly) warm. And I said fairly because we're having a pretty weird summer so far x_x This was the coldest Sant Joan in 20 years!

Selfie time with Arnau <3 Sigh, I love him c: HANDS IN ACA-BITCHES! 

Later in the afternoon Lisa, Esther and Àngel went to the beach again, and Arnau Oscar and I went to walk around the village.

Bad boyz lol 

Oscar <3 

Wise words... 

I wrote my baby's name in snow last year, now I wrote it in sand... What's next? ;) 

We had spaghetti for dinner and... We went out to enjoy Sant Joan's night! ^_^ The seaside promenade was full of kids and groups of people playing with fireworks, and the "boom"s and "bam"s were constant and very loud (that's what a legit Sant Joan consists in! XD).

There were bonfires too, many students  have the tradition of burning their notes (since they've just finished exams lol). 

The reflaction of the moon in the sea was beautiful that night :)

The six of us together ^_^ Lisa, Esther, Me, Angel, Arnau and Oscar!

I tried to write Peter's name with a sparkler lol... >_< If you turn it over you can actually tell it says "Peter"!

You see c:

It was a great (but short!) weekend. I really enjoyed this time with my friends, now that Àngel and I are leaving abroad soon >_< We both talked about our fears and our paperwork stuff we still have to do. We can't deny it's frightening, but we're excited. We'll meet very soon, Peter is coming over in 8 days, and I want my friends to get to know my boyfriend (although Esther and Raquel know him already XD) ^_^ So all I'm doing right now is waiting for my loved one to come over! I'll be spamming about it so much recently, so get ready!

PS. I'll write a snail mail update very soon! I'm trying to cut off with snail mail as August comes, so they'll be not that often from now on >_< Sorry about that! But as I said, I'll retake it once I'm settled in Seoul.

Have a lovely July you all ^^



  1. I love how those sparkles and light turned out.. :) Very neat

  2. The beach looked like so much fun. And that spaghetti...mmmm. Looked so delicious!

  3. Que lindas fotos! Ojalá pronto pueda celebrar Sant Joan por tierras catalanas ;)

  4. Me habia quedado rayado con el dragon de arena, por que aqui en Santa Pola hoy hemos visto uno calcado xD

    A mi me toco currar en San Juan, y no pude ir, cheeee!!

    Un Saludo!


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