Done with my 3rd year of university + mail mail....!

HALLELLUJAAAAAAH! I'm so happy I finally finished my exams! This has been the worst semester ever in my 3 years of university. I'm relieved and I feel free at the same time, but this week hasn't been a bed of roses for me at all... My best friend just moved to Anaheim (CA), he's gonna start community college and then he'll go to university. I'm so happy for him, but I can't deny it's been a tough week for me. It's gonna be difficult not to text him saying "Hey, shall we meet in 30 minutes?"

I can't be this selfish though, he's gonna have a great time there, and even though I'm gonna miss him I know he'll be more than fine ;> Hope he gets used to his new life out of Europe! <3 Love you, Luke <3

Also Raquel went back to her hometown in Galicia, so we threw a farewell party on Monday with our group of friends ^_^ 

The six of us <3 

 We call ourselves 2NE1, haha <3

Then we went partying the night before. It was a sad night as well but we tried to have as much fun as we could :) I'll miss you too sweetheart <3

Now it's time for this past week's incoming! Due to personal reasons I've been way too busy to update this on time, hope you don't mind! >_<

Taipa Island, Macau. Thank you Kuan Long :)

Two postcards from China: Cute map card from and a "Happy Children's Day" postcard from Zhizhi~ 

Adorable package and letter from Viola in Hong Kong. She has her university entrance exam very soon! I wish her the best on it >_< Good luck deary! 

Rachel from Singapore sent me this adorable flag postcard *0* There are no words to express how excited I am! She knows how much I like her country, haha!

Aiko from Yokohama, Japan (Postcrossing) sent me this Daibutsu postcard (aka the Big Buddha from Kamakura). I was so glad to get this card, since we've studied this statue in Asian Art&Culture class and I'm so in love with it! <3 Hope I can see it in person someday :)

I also received Jenne's letter from DC! <3 She sent me a US Capitol bookmark (I'm so happy, because when I visited I didn't buy anything for me, haha) and an Instax photo from Baltimore <3 She's a lovely girl to talk to, I'm so happy to be her snail mail pal! 

Last but not east... I finally received Anna's package~~ *0* I can't describe how happy she makes me when I get her stuff <3 Again, she sent me Polaroid postcards from Chronicle Books <3 I have 13 already! I'm gonna take them to Korea and make a garland with them to decorate my new room. Aren't they adorable? This time she sent me Reeses (unf, it seems all my American friends have clear what I like e_e)... They're super expensive over here, but delicious! I'm going to Paris in a month exactly (Wow, time flies!) so I'm gonna buy her some fancy stuff I find there ^_^ Hope she likes it!

*Sigh* People come, people go... But I stay (for now)! Now it's time to dedicate some time to myself, catch up with all the series I've left behind during my school year, meet my friends, write to my dear penpals... Until Peter's here :D Can't wait for the 5th July to come already!



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