A normal Friday afternoon

Last Friday I got my baby Nikon back! Well I should remark /ahem/ the repair center gave me the body of the camera two weeks ago but obviously, how do they want me to take pictures without the camera lens? (duh -_-). The warranty finally covered the 318€ I had to pay at first, but the reparation of the lens right wasn't free. Well, after 2 more weeks of patience and the urge of taking them to court (lol) I finally got my camera back (both pieces)! Once I left the store I was dying to take pictures again (trust me, it can be an obsession lol!), so I brought it everywhere I went that day :) 

I don't have more classes of course, so my day basically consisted in visiting my two grannys and helping them out with housework :) At 2pm I left home to go to my mom's mother's place for lunch. My place is sorrounded by plane trees, so the floor was full of bright yellow bloom.

Granny made "tortilla de patatas" that day, one of the most famous Spanish dishes! :)

Later I went to my other granny's place, since she needed help for going to the market and the groceries. While she was getting ready I went upstairs and took some pictures of my favourite spot in the house: The roof.

This has been my special place since I was a kid. Whenever I needed time to think, play or just relax, I used to go upstairs and spend some time watching tha plants, whatering them or whatever. The light looked great that day too! <3

Later granny and I went to the market and the groceries store. First though, she had to order some "cocas" for Sant Joan. Sant Joan (or San Juan in Spanish) our traditional festival of bonfires, firecrackers and fireworks, when we celebrate the beginning of summer. Also we eat a special cake with candied fruit and pinenuts, the "Coca de Sant Joan". There are many different kinds of coca :)

This has custard and candied cherries :)

And this has pinenuts too, but it's plain and filled with chocolate.

Once we finished we went back home and I helped her with some more housework. She's been kind of stressed recently, so now that I have time I try to spend as much time with her as I can! She needs some company too! We walked home and I kept taking shots of the beautiful buildings around me:

Aaaaaaaaand back home again! :)

 In the next post I'm going to talk about my Sant Joan's day (and the weekend itself). Till then!~ ^-^


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