Flea markets, farewells and some mail

Last Friday Luke and I decided to spend the whole day together. He's leaving to Cali the 6th, and time flies! x_x So we said, "this is our day!" :D Early at 1pm and we went to our old primary school, just to visit and see how things have changed. 8 years later everything seemed so small and different to us.

This wall was painted in 2001 (I was 9 by that time... Now, 12 years later).

I felt like we needed some selcas so, appart from the derpy ones I like taking sometimes (ehehehehe e_e) we took this decent one :) I hate to say this, but I'm gonna miss my best friend! <3 He invited me to dinner that day (what a gentleman)! I wish you the best in California, Lucas <3

On Saturday I met my buddies and we went to this monthly Flea Market in the city.  We still have exams, but we need to go out and get some fresh air (+enjoying that super sunny day after days of rain!). 

Gabri and Raquel discussing about irrelevant stuff (lol) 

I was about to buy a second hand Zenit camera, but I kind of hesitated and finally I bought some clothes instead. Plus, I mught buy myself an Instax camera in Korea, so it'd be dumb to buy a third camera now, haha. My baby Nikon it's still in that damn repair center, though -_-'' *sigh* I miss it so bad!

 Time is running for this girl too... She's going home the 15th and then she'll fly to Taiwan from there ;_; We shall do things together before she's back to Galicia >______< Pls don't go... *sobs*

 This is what I bought myself that say: A t-shirt from a Thai beer brand, some pink pleated shorts and a beige transparent blouse *-* I love it all! <3 Can't wait for legit warm days to come so I can start wearing it!

 That day I went with my parents to a very nice Italian restaurant next to my grandma's place. I ordered gnocchi alla Sorrento (Pasta made of potato with tomato sauce, mozzarella and parsley).Yummy!

Now it's time to show you guys this past week incoming in my mailbox ^_^

I got Reika's first letter, yay ^_^ Reika is my new penpal from Hokkaido (Japan)! We write in Japanese 100%! After 4 years learning it, I'm so proud I'm finally able to read, understans & write back in this language ^_^  She says in Hokkaido they still have snow :o Wow!

Ploi sent me a postcard instead of a keychain this time, thank you! I love that floral letter paper, we're gonna celebrate our first year penpalling in August :) 

Dede is back to her dear Finland in July, so this next letter I'm gonna write will be her last letter in Austria. It seems she had a great time in the country! :) 

I also got Taeko's letter from Hokkaido (Japan) along with two pictures: Takada Castle a and sakura tree in Niigata ^_^She writes in English/Japanese, so it'll take me less time to reply than Reika's letter. 

Corey from Singapore told me how much she liked that rose I sent her for St. George's Day. So happy she liked it :D!!! Her letter back is ready to send too. 

Flick from Australia is the best at crafting. Look how cute the letter paper and the envelope is ;_; She's just an artist! I'm gonna send her to Barcelona Polaroid postcads in return :)

 Amy is a girl from Hangzhou (China) who I've been in touch for a long long time. A month ago she told me she wanted to send me a package, and I got it this week *0* Cute stickers, a keychain, postcards from Xi'an, a letter...What else can I ask for? I'm aleady preparing her package back, I bet she'll love it too ^_^

Zimei from Guangdong (China) also sent me three postcards and a bookmark. She knew that I knew about Chinese Art history (because of my Art&Culture subject I took last semester), so she sent me a postcard from famous places in the country that I had studied in this subject: The Summer Palace (Yiheyuan), Old Town of Lijiang and Mogao caves! <3 Thanks sweetheart <3

Chiaki from Hiroshima sent me this Jetoy postcard I didn't have in my collection ^_^ Thank you! The postcards in the back are the ones I'm gonna send back to her & Miyuki

And this is all, buddies! <3 Let's see how this last week goes, I can't wait to be free, rest a bit and spend more time with my friends&family will Peter comes over. Ah, 33 days left, by the way ^__^ *excited*

Happy June you all! Summer is almost here, let's be positive!




  1. Not that you're unaware of it, but I'll say it again: I will miss you <3
    And I'm wishing You the best in Korea! :D

  2. It's always nice to see your photos. :) It's always nice to be with friends, right? :) Luckily we all have internet so you can keep in touch with them. I miss Spain very, very much :) Wish you lovely weekend!! :)


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