20 before 21: What to do before I turn 21

So I just picked this idea of this year's birthday goals list from my penpal and friend Michelle. I'm turning 21 in 2 months, and even though I don't have much time at the moment (exams and stuff), there are some things I'd like to know before my birthday comes/leaving to Korea.

01. Tell my friends how much I love them
Friends are my everything, and even though I could count my REAL friends with my two hands, it's always nice to tell them how awesome they are. That's why I want to dedicate part of my free time to them. Lucas is leaving to Cali, Raquel and Mariona are going to Taiwan, Àngel to Tokyo, Esther, Lisa and Arnau are staying in Barcelona... Distance it's gonna be tough, but... Friendship will stay :)

Buddiez <3

02. Throw a party "Till the World Ends" once I finish my exams
It's been a long time I haven't gone partying/thrown a party, and because of exams and stuff I haven't been rather like a "hikkikomori" recently. Raquel and I want to make the BEST party ever 8D You're all invited btw, hah!

03. Bake something
I have a personal tradition, which is baking a cake/cookies once my exam season is over. Baking helps me distressing for some reason ^_^

Chocolate&Vanilla cupcakes I baked 2 years ago c: Yummy~

4. Clean up the house a bit
My boyfriend is coming over this summer and he's gonna live in my place for 5 weeks, and even though I clean my place every week, I want to give a good impression (ahem)... He loved it when he first came, but still... I'm rather a picky and stubborn person when it comes to cleaning! XD

5. Spend more time with my family
My grandmas and parents are really worried about me going to Korea. Obviously they try not to talk about it, but I feel like I should spend even more time with them now that I'm here. Skype is free and I'll call every week if I have to, but obviously it won't be the same.

Me and my two cousins lol <3 I'm gonna miss them! 

6. Buy myself a new laptop and phone
I'm super broke at the moment, but I don't think I'll be able to bring this shitty HP with me -_- It needs to be plugged and it overheats so easily! My phone is critical as well, the battery lasts (literally) 4 hours! x_x Let's see if I can renew my babies before flying to Korea.

8. Save as much money as I can
Japan, Vietnam, the US... There are so many places I want to visit ;_;

9. Brush up on my Korean
I shouldn't depend on my English when I move to Korea, so yes! I need to review that base of Korean I have (digged in my brain lol) before I get to Seoul!

10. Keep improving my Japanese
Korea is full of Japanese people! I won't be able to take Japanese classes at HUFS (due to this confusing timetable no one understands lol), so I want to find Japanese people I can practice with. I don't want to forget the language after 4 years studying it >_<

My first letter to Taeko, a penpal from Hokkaido (Japan) :)

11. Dress more feminine
Summer is coming, and I definitely WANT to dress more feminine! x_x I hate when people thinks I'm 15/16 when they see me (when I'm actually turning 21 soon), and I don't know.... I feel like I should change my way to dress now that I'm leaving (New life, new style? Haha). Dresses, skirts and accessories... Come to me!

I miss braids ^_^

12. Get good grades
Do I really need to explain? Haha~ That's 100% up to me, get good marks so my parents and (myself) are proud of my hard work :)

13. Catch up with series
Once Upon a Time, The Office, Girls, Breaking Bad, Modern Fmaily, HIMYM... There are tons of TV series I quitted due to exams & boredom! I'll have time to waste in June so... SERIES MARATHON IN 3, 2...!

14. Mentally prepare myself for Korea
Call me sensitive, haha! I've always lived with my parents and I've never moved abroad... Korea it's definitely gonna be a big change for me, away from my friends and family... I'll be re-united with my dearest Korean friends, though ^_^

I miss Sunjung ;______; <3 Can't wait to be with her again!

15. Think of all the things I need to take with me when I move
aka write a list!

16. Visit my summer village
Sant Antoni de Calonge is a village with almost 3000 inhabitants located in Empordà, the northern coast of Catalonia. I've been going there every summer since I was a 2 year-old toddler, and it's like my second home to me. I definitely want to visit it during my holidays, I'm gonna miss it so much! >_<

17. End up with bad diet habits
In a nutshell, I need to control my diet! BUT HEY! I'm not talking about gaining or losing weight (don't get me wrong). What I'm trying to say is, I'll be living on my own for a whole school year and I'll need to control what I eat or what I don't eat. I have the bad habit of (for example) not eating when I'm not hungry, even though that's super bad or the body and viceversa: I eat like a pig when I'm starving. That's not healthy at all, so I need to stop doing that when I move! I won't have mommy if suddenly my tummy hurts, so ending up with skipping meals and "nom-till-you're-dead"meals it's the first step!

18.  Find people who is going to HUFS on Internet
I already found a Thai girl and an Ukranian girl on Interpals who will be exchange students in HUFS, just like me ^_^ Can't wait to be good friends with her and meet new people! 

19. Keep in touch with my best friends
Tyler, Peter and Luke in the States, Esther, Lisa and Arnau in Spain...! Best friends (and boyfriend lol) are everlasting, right? I'm definitely gonna be in touch with them despite all odds (aka time difference lol)! ò__ó I promise!

20. Quit Postcrossing
That's the saddest of the news... :( But since I need to save a lot of money (and I'm changing my address soon) I should stop with postcard swaps for a while. I'm considering retaking it once I'm in Korea, but I still don't know. That doesn't mean I'll quit snail mailing! (Of course not!) However, I'l stop writing in July and re-take it once I'm settled in Korea, so letters don't get lost in the way or get to my mailbox in Spain when I'm already in the other side of the world, lol!

I'm definitely gonna miss my postcard albums... ;_;

And this is all by now, buddies! Wish me luck, I'll try to achieve all this goals before the 7th July :) You guys think I'll make it? XD Haha~



  1. Claudia,

    Best of luck with all your goals! I really hope you are able to complete them all. Of course, some require that I and other friends of yours keep in touch with you, which we will! At least I know I will =) Love,


  2. oh wow, parece que estarás bien ocupada ^^ disfruta el tiempo que te queda en tu tierra y ve con las mejores expectativas y apertura a esta nueva aventura. Un abrazo ^^

  3. Good luck with all your goals! Sad to hear about the last one, but understandable as well, of course :) I hope you save up a whole lot of money! And goooood luck with your exams as well!

  4. ostres noia, quants propósits! jajaja estan motl bé eh! :)
    espero que aconsegeixis, si no tots, els máxims que puguis

    ens veiem ^^

  5. Your goals are all fun and inspiring. I don't remember having mine. Mainly lived day by day which was not a great way cuz all the times passed and i didnt get to accomplished much. I miss my life in the 20's. Enjoy your youth and live to the fullest. Time goes by faster than we realize.

  6. Yay! I can't wait to see pictures of your Korea travels!

  7. Claudia! (:
    Mucha suerte con todos tus proyectos y que disfrutes muchísimo tu tiempo en Corea que seguro así será por que de esos viajes uno regresa con muchas cosas de las que no se meten en las maletas pero que significan demasiado (:
    Te dejo un canal de youtube de un chico mexicano que estudió un tiempo en Corea, no son muchos videos pero te puedes entretener un tiempito que estés aburrida jajajaja http://www.youtube.com/user/MisaelVlogBonus/videos
    Un petó! (:


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