Exam season & Final May snail mail update

Exams are already knocking on my door! I'm proud that I had finished all my papers&projects, but I still need to study a lot x_x!!! This upcoming weekend it's gonna be extremely boring, so don't expect super interesting posts lol. During the meantime, this what my week consisted in:

I proudly wore this derpy French braid on Monday, it was a free day in Spain so I met my friend Nhaem and we got Japanese food together. I ordered katsudon, yumum ^_^ Later we walked around the city center and we passed by "L'arc del Bisbe" (in English, the Arch of the Bishop). It is said if you pass through it and you make a wish, it'll come true! It worked last time so...! I completely trust this arch! ;)

On Wednesday Mariona and I went to have lunch together and we *ahem* studied at Starbucks. There was no way to be completely focused haha, but spending time with her it's always great :> I'm gonna miss her so much when she leaves to Taipei... >_<

 On Thursday I met my cutie Marion in the morning, we came across in the International Relations office at uni (still dealing with the paperwork for our exchange program, ugh--- x_x). She's going to Zhejiang University in Hangzhou when I'm in Seoul! I'm gonna miss her too >-< We'll be super busy soon and we won't be able to meet, so we spent some time together lying in the grass and enjoying this sunny (but moody) spring weather! ^-^

My weekend basically consisted in meeting friends and going to the hospital (my godmother just had surgery and we need to look after her). On Sat I met my friends and we went to the beach, the weather was pretty windy and chilly, but we still nojyed our time together. 

Irrelevant train station lol

That night I went with Luke to have some drinks (He was paying, so...! <3 Sigh, I love him!). I kinda felt like dressing up, so I put a fancy shirt, my heels and I met him at 9.30. He had a mojito and I had a strawberry caipirinha. We had two rounds each, so we were a little tipsy haha! I'm gonna miss him so much when he leaves to Cali... :( But I try not to think about it!

And that's pretty much it, buddies! Today I'm studying for this thee upcoming exams next week (Japanese Linguistics, Kanji and Asian Gender&Society) and I won't go out, lol~ Basically I'm still on my pj's, wearing glasses and looking hideous (yay!) Cmon cmon, I can do it! ò_ó

 Now let's check this past week's incoming ^_^

 Postcards from Danielle in Canada (top) and Nicole from Malaysia (bottom)

My second letter from Olivia in Norway ^_^ I loved the postcard, thank you so much! I replied back last Tuesday so, hope she gets it soon!  

I finally got my first postcard/letter from Jennifer in New Mexico (US). She's coming over to Spain this summer and she was looking for Spanish penpals, so I didn't hesitate to be the first ^_^ I love this huge postcard she wrote in! However, I need more space to write all she wants to know, haha, so I'll reply in letter paper.

Michelle's letter is finally here, yay! ^-^ She's the best at decorating envelopes with washi tape, really! And she always gets the cuttest stamps *sigh* I loved the "Incredibles" one! I already replied back and I'll send it next week.

Christin's letter is finally here! She's been kind of busy, so she didn't write much this time >_< She promised me longer letters in summer, though! :') 

Kelsie's letter arrived after two months of delay :\ She's not going through her best moment, but I'll try to cheer her up somehow! The pink envelope was cute, though :)

I got this small parcel from Katherine in the UK ^^ She made a CD with her favourite sounds and sent me a bag of pur Yorkshire Tea! Yumyum, can't wait to taste it ^_^

Judy's envelope was ripped off this time :( (d**n customs!). Unfortunately, nothing was missing! She told me she made new friends in Guangzhou (where she studies) and she's considering going to Hong Kong this next semester. I envy her so much ;_;

This is all by now, ladies and gentlemen! ^_^ Time to do our best and pray for good marks! Love you all!

Love from,


  1. awee que moni, fent fotos d'amagada! qui et va dibuixar el sol al got del starbucks????? ànims, va, que ja acabem!

  2. I love that you still send and receive letters, it seems to be such a lost method of communication! x

  3. Nice pictures! Studying at Starbucks looks like fun. I hope your exams go well. :)


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