Middle May Snail mail Update

I barely have time to be on Internet these days because of all the schoolwork I need to do, also I'm very very mad because Nikon Service and Repair told me I need to pay 318€ for my baby's reparation, so I guess I'll just sell a kidney and a piece of my spinal so I can pay it (?) Meh, whatever! I always feel like I rant way too much in here lol

Before you all die of boredom I'm gonna update this with my most recent incoming :)

 Today I was walking around the street and I just fell in love with these Barcelona polaroid postcards I saw <3 I bought six and I'm gonna send em to Kelly and Jenne, whose envelopes were ready to go till I found something cute to send them. Aren't they aborable? 

Kim from Cali (USA) and Chiaki from Hiroshima in Japan

Ash from Taiwan (left), Djuli from the Netherlands (top) and Denise from Singapore (bottom)

Hayal from Turkey and Vuong from Vietnam (YAY, MY 3rd POSTCARD FROM VIETNAM ♥)

Bianca from Tokyo, Japan and Nastya from Ukraine 

Ruth-Anne from Arizona (US) Thanks deary! I love that kawaii stationery she always uses 

I'm always afraid that Nadya's letters from Russia don't get me on time (Sigh, I don't trust Russian post! D: ) but yes, I got it this time ^_^ She sent me some floral stickers as well, thank you so much! I know you read me haha, so I give you a shoutout! ;) 

I'm always happy to get Dede's letters ^-^ She might come to Barcelona soon, I'd love to meet her tbh ;_; (She would be the first penpal I have ever met in real life!) Let's see how things work out, though!

So, what about me? As you might have assumed, I'm in my exam season already (that means exams&projects till the 5th June! x_x) Ugh, I can't wait to finish them all. The good side of it is, I feel like it passes quickly! So yeah, good luck to you all and let's be positive! Summer vacation in a month, yayayayayay! Cheer up everyone ;)

Love and hugs,



  1. Oh adorable! I find it hard to get on blogger from the ipad, so a lot of the time I'm just posting photos of mail on my instagram. O_o; :)


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