Missing my Nikon so bad...

It's been a week since I brought my baby D3100 to Nikon Repair Center, and it seems I can't stop finding more excuses to take good pictures x_x I need my camera back, sob... I've done so many things this week and I had to use my d**n phone duh... And I hate it :\ My battery lasts 3h without even touching it and I bought so many batteries already that I just want to throw it away. I need a new phone as soon as possible, but I don't have the money to buy a new one D: I even have to turn it off sometimes so the battery doesn't run off in minutes lol... I can't live this way!

Sigh well.. After this small rant sorry ;_; I'll tell you about this wonderful week I just had ^_^ The 1st May was a free day in Europe, so me and my parents went to this village we usually spend our holidays in (I'll tell you where it is someday ;) ). My dad wanted to stay in a new campsite this year, so we just walked around a few to see if they were worth it. We ended up picking the same we always go c:

Those are the views from one of the campsites we visited. I love how blue the Mediterranean Sea looks like :) 

The sea looked so blue and transparent... ;_; You see why I need my camera now? *cries*

We had lunch in a fancy bar next to the sea. It's kind of expensive so we just go there every once in a while lol~ It was worth it though, the food is always delicious and the views are breathtaking. Also the village wasn't that crowded yet, so we enjoyed the visit.

On Thursday I went to have lunch with Marion, a friend of mine from university. She had never tasted Korean food before so we went to have some "samgyeopsal" and "bibimbap". We also ordered a bowl of rice for each of us and fried noodles, so at the end we were pretty full! But it was worth it, of course c:

Then she told me she had never had bubble tea either lol what a sacrilege so we went to have some. She ordered the original one (black tea & milk) and I ordered my favourite of all times: Taro *-* Hope in Korea is cheaper lol it costed me €.340 ;_;

On Friday morning I met Luke and we had a tea in Caelum, a very fancy café I (try to) go as often as I can. It's a very quaint and well-decorated café in the city center, the beverages are spectacular, but their speciality are the pastries...

WHY EVERYTHING LOOKS SO YUMMY? ;_; They're daily made by nuns, and I can assure you they're all delicious! I wish I could taste them all at the same time, haha >-< Once I had a piece of chocolate cake, the waitress put some strawberry jam as a surprise and put it a few secs on the microwave... The inside chocolate of the cake melted with the jam and OH MY GOD, NOW I KNOW WHY THEY CHOSE THE WORD "HEAVEN" IN LATIN TO NAME THIS CAFÉ 

Later in the afternoon I met my friends to go to "Feria de Abril", the copy of the typical "Seville Fair" but in Barcelona. They obviously had very typical Southern Spanish things, and many people were wearing the typical "flamenca" dress.

Churros, nomnomnom c: 

Some Galician pastries 

There were so many food stands to choose from, but I finally bought this "Salchipapas" thingy lol (Hot dogs cut in pieces with French fries, mayo & ketchup )

(PS. I know this is not typical Spanish or anything but I just couldn't resist it ;_;)

Then we found a real fair, yay! (In the left, my friend Hiroki taking a picture) 

Honestly I wanted to give a try to all those rides but I didn't trust the ppl controlling them, lol

Finals are coming very soon so, since I don't have my DLSR with me + exams I might abandon this a bit >< I'll try not to, I'm going to La Rioja in a few weeks and I'd love to take good pictures with my just-repaired baby camera (but that's not up to me! D: )   However, I need to work hard on those exams&projects so I can enjoy my summer after them! :) 

Let's be positive!




  1. Great photos even if they were taken with your phone. I have a Nikon too and I know what you mean when you have to make do without it. It looks like you had a fantastic week. Those pastries look yummy and the fair looks fun.

  2. fabuloso, tomarnos unas vacaciones y poder disfrutarlas, espero tengas tu nikon de vuelta muy pronto :D


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