A weekend in the sea shore

Hey guys! This is Claudia again with her travelling posts, yay! This time I'm gonna talk about my weekend in Tossa de Mar. Tossa is a 6000 inhabitant village located in l'Empordà, a region in the north of Catalonia. It's very beautiful and usually very crowded with tourists from France, the Netherlands and the UK, but since it's was the middle of March the place looked pretty quiet. 

We were celebrating my dad's 50th surprise birthday party, so we went there with some friends of the family for two days. First though, we stopped by Castelló d'Empúries to walk around the village. 

We had some patatas bravas, we had lunch and we went straight to Empuriabrava, where my dad's surprise was waiting. We bought him at ticket for the Windoor Wind Tunnel, a skydiving simulator! :) Take a look at the website here , you'll see what I'm talking about. It's usually used by skydivers to train, but it's opened to the public of course! People go there to feel how does it feel like...So if you're afraid of heights but you still want to try it, you know where to go! ;)

That's me, but I covered my face because... Oh Jesus, you don't want to see me with that wrinkled face because of the wind lol (Sorry guys, I have some dignity left I'd like to preserve lol)

Okay, this one works... lol

After this afternoon full of ups and downs we arrive to Tossa, we got to the hotel and we walked around the village before dinnertime. I'm happy to see the shots are night don't look as bas as expected ^_^ Yay!

Then we had dinner at a fancy restaurant to celebrate my dad's belated birthday of course! Serving sangria.... 

Spongecake with Nutella nomnom 

I had some green tea on this curious ceramic cup that looks like a plastic one XD 

The next day in the morning we did a gynkhama around the village. It was kind of stressing and tiring because it was "Boys vs. Girls" so we had to run all the time to beat em! lol~ I stopped more than once to take some shots, though :)

I think it's clear how much I like animals  

The sky looked so blue that day that Tossa almost looked like Greece ^-^ 

Daddy didn't like that pirate moustache I painted him as a penalty D': Haha~

Then (and unfortunately) I gave my camera to a very messy person and he dropped the camera -_- If you notice from this picture on there's a weird frame on the top of the photo or in the side... *sigh* Sorry about that! 

The pics look fair but they could've looked better >_< 

Then we had out typical paella and this sangria made of cava (champagne) instead of wine. It tastes way better in my opinion, I hate the original Sangria XD

And that's pretty much it :) Dad had so much fun both days and we're glad, so! It was his special day after all. He got a very fancy watch as a present as well. The weather was great and the food was very tasty. What else can we ask for? Happy 50th Belated Birthday, dad!




  1. Wow! Esas fotos tienen vistas muy hermosas! Me guataría visitar por ahí algun día ;v;

  2. Seems like you had a great day!

  3. LOOKS AMAZING :D & That photo of you and your dad is So cute! xx

  4. *Suspiro* Me dan todavía mas ganas de estar en Catalunya...


  6. This is a very nice post. I loved reading what your family did to celebrate your dad's birthday! The surprise bday present was super cool I wanna try it too!

    And my, oh my, my favorite paella!

  7. great pictures and very interesting post :)

  8. I've always wanted to try zero-gravity!!! Looks like you had fun on your dad's b-day, my family rarely goes out for birthdays =/


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