Meeting new friends, Viet food and Holi Festival

Whoa, it's been a long time I don't update this ^_^ I have to say I'm feeling better, thanks you all and sorry I worried you >_< I'm in a better mood recently, I had a wonderful weekend after a few stressing weeks because of the Korean uni paperwork, but I'm finally free, yay! <3 So I'm gonna start talking about my fantastic weekend. 

Honestly I didn't expect it was this good :) First of all, I met Soojung, a Korean friend I met on Penpals-net and who's living in Málaga (south of Spain). She was coming to Barcelona for three days and I didn't hesitate to show her around :)

 We went to Park Güell, which is one of the most famous places in Barcelona. She just loved it! Plus, the day was warm, super clear and there wasn't a single cloud in the sky! Definitely a perfect day to walk around ^^

We found this grafitti on the street which reminded us of Spirited Away's No Face & Mononoke Hime

 We had a refreshing juice before going back to the city center ^^ Then we visited other famous places in the city like Sagrada Familia, Palau de la Música and Santa Maria del Mar. Then we stopped for a bit and we realised we were hungry. She asked me, "Do you like Vietnamese food?" and my reaction was something similar to "OMG YESXDFGHJUKHGFDS  ♥" lol haha~ So happy I found a Viet food lover like me! 

We went to Bun Bo Vietnam, which is one of the best Viet restaurants in the city. I ordered my dearest Pho, yumymuyum! (It's a pity they don't have Bun Rieu, it's my favourite Viet food so far!). It reminds me to the States soooooo bad ;_; I want to go back to homelaaaaaaaand! ♥ (?)

And that's how I spent my Saturday ^_^ I found Soojoung such a great and unique girl, very talkative and friendly! She lives really close to HUFS, so I'm happy we can hang out in the future! She wants to take me to this pajeon restaurant and have some with soju! *drools* (And remember kids, never say no to soju!) <<<--- My future motto when I live in Korea lol Haha anyway, I have the feeling we'll get on well and we'll be very good friends ^_^ (PS. CAN YOU BELIEVE SHE'S 25?! OMG it looks like my age, right? Unnie looks so young, haha )

Then on Sunday I went to Holi Festival with Àngel and Esther to "El Carmel", Esther's neighbourhood. I couldn't believe how crowded it was, that's such a small area in Barcelona! XD

 I know I might look like a stalker, but I love taking pictures of kids with their mommies ;_; And this Chinese girl was too adorable! <3

This Indian guy painting this kid...  ♥

My buds 

Check how crowded it was :o 

There were some Bollywood and other Indian dance performances. I love how Indian music sounds, so I loved it there ^_^ Despite the paint and everything I could take really nice pictures (yay, I'm proud of them!) I have to say I forgot to put some sunscream and I sunburnt my chest & my nose lol~ ♥ But hey, it was totally worth it! :D

Honestly I never though my weekend would be as awesome as it was. But I'm happy I met my friends both days and I had this fun. Good weather is coming and that kind of cheers me up too. I've been through some terrible months and I feel like I should apologize to my friends, since I've been kind of distant and cold to them >_< Sorry guys! Our time is coming, we all need to make plans and we're kind of nervous, but we'll go through it together. I feel so blessed I have the friends I have. So that's why I'm trying to meet with them as much as I can: I'll be gone soon, and some of them will be gone as well >_< We have to take advantatge of our time together, it won't be the same on Skype!

Well, I guess this is all by now ^_^ I'm preparing a snail mail update soon and I also need to show you guys my pictures from Toledo (the city I visited with my parents during my Spring Break). As always, thanks for reading and thanks for being there! You're all more important than you think, really ♥




  1. que guai el festival holi! segur que va ser molt divertit.
    Llavors el restaurant vietnamita aquest està bé? Haure d'anar jaja mai m'han recomanat un, i tenia curiositat. El mateix em pasa amb els tailandesos

    Moltes gracies pel comentari! :)

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  3. Koreans are so fun to be around! They can be really quirky and funny when you get to know them! I had five of them as classmates back in high school and each of them really were unique! :> Looks like you had a great day!

  4. Què bé que t'ho passessis tan bé amb la teva amiga (^O^)!
    És veritat que el graffiti s'assembla al del Viatge de Chihiro! xD


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