Middle March Snail mail Update

Guys, this is probably the best snail mail package I've never received. And when I say it it's because I mean it. Just take a look at those piece of papers/masterpieces, please...

"Why everything's so beautiful?!" you might be wondering. And my answer is simple: My kawaiiest Anna Zhang sent me a letter  Sigh, isn't it perfect and precious? sdtyuilokjmhngf she got that colorful stationery in London, she came back from her European trip to the city & Madrid one month ago. She told me she loved it, yay  I don't know how am I supposed to make it up for this perfect package, really ;_; But I will! Haha kidding, her letter is ready to go soon, I just need some time to buy some little somethings and it'll be ready to send :) And as always, thanks a bunch Anna! 

I finally got Christin's letter after a few months ^_^ We lost contact around Halloween, it seems she didn't get my last letter for some reason so I messaged her >_< So happy we're in touch again, yay! 

 Viola's letters usually take way too long to get to each other (3 weeks aprox? x_x), but when they arrive, it's totally worth it. This time she sent me the letter itself, a lovely note pad from Snoopy, a small notepad and a pamphlet of Disneyland Hong Kong (OMG I'd love to go *-* I haven't even been to the closest we have which is in Paris)~ It seems she loved the bubble bath I sent her last time ^^ 

Ploi's letter arrived ripped on top :\ Most of times customs open it just to check, but this time the keychain she had sent me had disappeared! ú_u I'm so sad... Also the letter arrived pinched and in very bad conditions, I hate when this happens! Anyway, I'm happy I got her letter anyway, she's one of my "oldest" penpals and it's always a pleasure hearing from her :) 

 I also got some postcards this week :) The first is King Ludwig II from Germany. Thanks Tanja!

Also Yunji from Korea and Gabriela from Panamá surprised me with their postcards ^_^ Yunji definitely knows my postcard taste, I love this "sakura" vintage card 

Finally Nikki from Cali sent me another parcel. I'll need to pay it back somehow but I need my time to save up and find cute stuff >_< 

(PS. Sorry for the super bad quality pics, my only SD card can't be read and I need to buy a new one asap x_x)

She definitely knows how much I love Reeses and Hello Kitty haha. She sent me another plushie so... One more in my collection ^_^ Aren't they cute? 

 Yes, I also told her my love for Reeses... u///////u *ashamed*

Obviously she sent me a letter with the parcel ^_^ I'll reply the letter first and then I'll prepare something cute for her. I'm not in my best financial moment (even though I realized I got a 1200€ scholarship for my exchange program) it's still not enough! So yeah, I should control this lovely but not so cheap hobby of mine >_<

Byebye you all! Cheer up, good weather will be here soon ;) 



  1. Joder que cartas y sobres más bonitos, yo también quiero T^T envidiaaa me corroe. Y que chulo los peluches de HK ^^

  2. Wow really lovely pretty nice fun mail.

  3. Són molt maques les cartes!
    M'alegro que tinguis la beca ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆


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