Snail mail update + Gracias, Yina :)

Yay yay! I can't believe this, but I won the first giveaway ever! ^_^ Well, as I told you before, a Blogger friend of mine (Yina) threw a giveway not so long ago, and I won! :D I got super excited because I'm usually pretty bad at this and I never win anything hah, but this time it happened ^_^ We swapped addresses and 2 weeks later I got this lovely thing in my post office:

 The package looks so colorful and cute! I was afraid to break it while opening it, haha >-<

Beautiful stamps, indeed :')

Ta-da! That's what my package contained: Two postcards from Dominican Republic, a typical keychain, a DVD from Samaná (a province in the north west of the country) and a catalogue of the Carnival in DR :) I loved it all, I've never been to the Caribbean but getting all this made me want to go asap! >_< I'm sick of  European cold weather! 

She also wrote me a lovely note ^_^ Isn't she adorable?

Muchas gracias Yina, eres todo un tesoro de penpal, haha! <3 Tu paquetito está listo para enviar la semana que viene, espero que lo recibas pronto!

I didn't get many things those past few weeks haha, mainly it was me sending lots of stuff XD Hope I can get more letters and postcards by next week then!

I got a new penpal from the UK, her name is Katherine and she's 17 :) She sent me a super easy shortbread recipe I'm gonna try asap!

Also I got those lovely postcrards from Eline (one of my closest postcard swappers from the NL), Echo from China and Ting-Hsuan from Taiwan. Did I ever mention how much I love Taiwan? <3

I have a lot of new things to tell, but I had to write this snail mail post first! <3 Sorry if this is way too short, haha. I'll make it up for it, I swear! Till then, hehehe~




  1. Great mail. I would love to get a colorful package the one you got. So very nice.

  2. ohhhhh gracias por la linda entrada :D adoro que te gustara y que ganaras y recibieras ya mi paquete. Un besito Claudia :)


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