Trekking in Siurana (Tarragona), mail of the week

Okay so...! I'm officially on Spring Break! Yay! Bad news is, I have a huge cold and fever today, lol x_x But well, at least I can stay at home and take care of myself. Speaking of good news though, yesterday I went trekking to Siurana, a 200 inhabitant village in the province of Tarragona. 

It's the main town of the municipality "Cornudella de Montsant" and consists of a small village at the top of an escarpment in the Prades Mountains overlooking the Siurana Reservoir and is often visited by tourists to the area for its historical piquancy and its excellent views of the Embalse and surrounding valley. Cliffs around the village are popular among climbers due to the abundance of sport climbs up to the grade of 9b.

It's a great place to visit and go for a walk, there isn't much to see since it's a super small village... But the landscapes are definitely worth it :)

I loved this teddy bear shaped rock, haha! Can you see it? :) 

I have a thing for cats I have to say... 

"My homeland, Catalonia My language, Catalan My dance, "Sardana" My wish, Freedom".


Also we had lunch in a great restaurant in the center of Siurana, where we had typical Catalan food... Hmmmmh, I'd love to go back someday :)

As an appetizer (yes, appetizer!), bacon with grilled red peper, eggplant and fries. 

Chickpeas with "sobrassada" and bacon 

Pig's Trotters 

Butifarra (Catalan sausage) with grilled red peper, eggplant and fries. 


Fun fact... Catalans eat snails! Yes, you might be like "yikes!", but you guys don't know what you're missing!

Last but not least, this is what I found on my mailbox this week :)

I finally got Judy's letter after one month! As always, we swapped  postcards and we talked about our lives. She sent me a small Chinese paperwork as well :)

Nicole from Hong Kong sent the the most original postcard I've ever received... A wooden postcard ^_^ I loved it <3 

Cute postcards from the Netherlands (Laura), Germany (Anna) and Hawaii, US (Cindi).

I wish you all a happy Spring Break! <3 I have to study for 2 exams though, but my parents are taking the first week of April and we'll be going somewhere in Spain for 4 days :) So... I'll be having almost 2 weeks of vacation! I have classes on that week though, but luckily I'll just skip Thursday's class. Once I finish my exams on Wednesday, my dad is gonna pick me up from uni and we'll be leaving to... Where? I'll let you know next week! <3

Love *coughs* x_x



  1. WOW! increibles fotos! *-* me hubiera gustado estar ahí, se ve todo tan relx <3 Aliviate pronto para que puedas hacer mucho en tus vacaciones! >v<

  2. I would actually love to visit that village someday! I reckon I might be referring to your blog quite a bit the next time I plan a trip to Barcelona again. hehe :o) The appetizer looks incredibly delicious btw! I'm so hungry now -_-

  3. Anda!! Yo tengo pendiente una excursion alli con mis compeñaros del trabajo :) Que ganas de respirar aire puro y después comerme una butifarra como esa, ayayayayayyy


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