Hello March! Snail mail & postcard update

It's been a long time I don't write anything snail-mail related, and since I don't have anything interesting to tell you, I'll keep you guys updated about all the mail I got recently. I have to say I broke up with some of my penpals since I need to save up for Korea, but I decided I'm not gonna break up with all of them. I'm sticking with postcard swaps right now, since it's cheaper and more simple. 

This first letter comes from Nadya in Russia. She's the one who sent me the Xmas package with more than 20 postcards from Voronezh, her city ^_^This time she sent me this super floral envelope with a 4 page-letter! Yay, I love long letters :) Thanks!

Vivien from Singapore sent me this cutie envelope with a "You got mail" mailbox ^_^ I'm happy she calls me Qiqi, my Chinese name. She's learning Thai right now!

Corey, my favourite Singaporean penpal sent me this cutie envelope and three heart-shaped origamis >_< <3 So sweet! I'm so glad Corey is my penpal, we learn a lot from each other and there's always something to talk about! Her letter back is ready to send already ^^ 

Aina from Malaysia also wrote a 3 pages-letter and sent me those Japanese cloth stickers >_< Thanks deary omg, it's so sad we don't have such things in here!

Finally, Ploi from Thailand told me about her trip to Nan (north of the country) with her parents and how she spent Valentine's with her boyfriend. I envy her so much >_<!! Luckily, we follow each other on Instagram, so we keep ourselves updated out of snail mailing :D

Still speaking of snail mail, yesterday night I noticed I had won a giveaway from a Blogger friend of mine, Yina! Yina is a girl from Dominican Republic who's gonna send me some of the things you'll see in this video ^_^ Check! (PS: My name appears in 2.58 *000000*

I'm so happy I won this giveaway, because I'm always one of these people who never wins anything XD Yay! Appart from my giveaway presents (the DVD from Samaná, a keychain and a pamphlet about the Carnival in her country) she's gonna send me some postcards as well >_< Aww, she's the very best <3 I feel bad about not sending her anything, so whenever I have some money saved I'll send her a little something too :) Again and again, GRACIAS YINA! <3

Well, I guess that is all for today :) It's been a long time I wanted to do a personal post but I realized I had abandoned my dear snail mail for a while so, here I am :D Everything's going fine, actually today is a "cloudy day" and I'm "writing letters", so it definitely relates my Blog title XD Cold and cloudy weather gives me headache, but I'm happy ^_^ I started preparing all the papers for the application form for Korea... And good weather will be back soon again! So cmon followers, smile :)

4 months and 4 days until he's here <3




  1. Really nice looking letters and stuff.

  2. Felicidades de nuevo Claudia :D me alegra que te gusten tus premios, ya salen mañana sábado sin falta, espero que no demoren mucho en llegarte. Besos...

  3. Doncs ls chai latte es d'una cafeteria molt popular del centre de Terrassa. Es un lloc molt acollidor haha fins dilluns :)

  4. Amiga, tu paquete va en camino. Dejo este comentario para que sepas que te he nominado a Best Blog http://postingmylife.blogspot.com/2013/03/nominada-best-blog-d.html besos...


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