Calçotada (or what do we Catalans eat)!

Today I want to introduce you all one of the most famous traditions in Catalonia: Calçotada. "Calçotada" is  gastronomical event that comes from "calçots", a type of green onion or scallion, but less bulbous than normal scallions. They're longer and the taste it's completely different, since it's a special variety of vegetable exclusive from Catalunya. "Calçotades" are massively held by the end of winter (February, March and April), people usually goes to Tarragona province (usually to "Valls") where there are several restaurants specialised in "Calçots". "Calçots" are usually roasted on a BBQ and eaten with Romesco sauce, made of raw almonds, pine nuts, and/or hazelnuts, roasted garlic, olive or sunflower oil, bitxo peppers (similar to New Mexico chiles) and/or nyora peppers (a small, round, variety of red bell pepper) and sometimes bread.

Well, the thing is... Today I went to Valls to have a "calçotada" with my parents and my parent's friends! :) We first stopped in Cubelles, a small village halfway near the sea (where my parents' friends have an appartment) where we all met. I took a few shots of how the beach looks like in winter.

It might look sunny and beautiful, but it was super chilly x_______x 

Before we got to the restaurant we had "patatas bravas", as well as some drinks as appetizers. "Patatas bravas" are white cut potatoes fried in oil and served with a sauce such as a (mild) spicy tomato sauce& mayonnaise. It's sooooo typical Spanish, and I'll definitely miss them when I go abroad ;_;

I took some shots on our way to Valls. This is how the Catalan countryside looks like :)

When we arrived to the restaurant out table was politely set and ready! ^_^ Those glass thingies you see on the table are  called "porrons" (singular: Porró), glass wine pitchers typical of many regions of Spain like Catalonia and Aragón. It resembles a cross between a wine bottle and a watering can, right? XD

To drink from a porron, the person starts by bringing the spout very close to his mouth and tilts it forward slowly so the beak points towards the teeth. Once the liquid starts coming out, the porró is pulled away from the face while the drinker looks up. To finish drinking, the person lowers the porró and brings it back down and closer to the mouth again before stopping, quickly tilting the spout up at the last moment so there is no spillage.

 This is a friend of ours drinking from a porró. Dad's watching me ò____ó (????) Haha.

Before "calçots" came, it was time for the most famous Catalan food: "Pa amb tomàquet"! It consists of bread — optionally toasted — with tomato rubbed over and seasoned with olive oil and salt. Sometimes garlic is rubbed on the bread before rubbing in the tomato (that's why you see the garlic cloves there) :) We eat it just as a snack,  or along with some cold meat or cheese. It's also our way to eat sandwiches! XD

Then.... "drum rolls"... our beloved "calçots" arrived! 8D

Romesco sauce

Irene (a friend of mine since we were kids) and me with our bibs ^_^ 

Irene nomming <3

I made a video so you guys can see how we eat  "calçots" (it's pretty quick and derpy but at least you'll get an idea of our special way to eat them) ^_^ Enjoy!

Then we had grilled meat & veggies...

And "Crema Catalana" as a dessert! (Aka cremme brulée overseas).

And finally... This nice sunset from Valls ^_^ 

I'm happy I could share with you all one of the most famous (and important) traditions from my homeland. You definitely should try it out if you ever come over during finals of winter! I bet it might sound rather a weird way to eat scallions haha, but it's definitely worth it :)

Hope you guys enjoy this post and don't hesitate to ask me anything you'd like to know about "Calçotades"! Love you all, and enjoy your weekend! :)




  1. Hey girl, that video is private. Just sayin' :v

  2. No sabia que teneis blog, et segueixo ^^

  3. Que lindo tu blog! Sobretodo me ayuda a soñar mas con Barcelona jajaja
    Saludos (: (niiza de Instagram)

  4. Beautiful pictures!! The food looks so good.


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