Birthday parties and flea markets

Today (Monday) I started my week-off, yay! Best thing is, I had a really good weekend before that! On Saturday Sarah invited me to her birthday party. Sarah is a classmate and friend of mine, and we went with Marina (another classmate) and Ida (a friend of them) to a Japanese restaurant for lunch ^_^

I ordered Takoyaki and rainbow rolls *0* I loved it!

Marina (left), Sarah (center) and me ^_^

Later in the afternoon we want to a Japanese art gallery/tea house in the city called Akashi. I loved it there, I must go back with other friends as soon as I can >_< You guys know I'm a huge tea fan!

They sold postcards too, omg juhgfdcsmnhbgfvc <3 I couldn't resist one of my biggest temptations and I bought some. Some of them were sold as donations for the Fukushima disaster. I helped people, and they helped me on my personal hobby. What else can I ask for? :) And I'll definitely buy more when I'm back.  

I ordered Matcha Latte and Chiffon Cake ^_^

Àngel (left), Sarah (middle), me and Marina :)

I had a really nice day with them! ^_^ I spend way too much money, but if it's once a while it doesn't hurt hah :) Hope I can do this more often, I really like them and I think we have more things in common then I would've thought! Thanks for inviting me, girls :) Happy belated birthday to both! <3

Later I went shopping with Àngel since he wanted some fashion advice, haha. We went to some stores and he ended up buying a hoodie in Pull&Bear. We walked around the city center and I handed out some curriculums too (I've been looking for a part time job for ages >_< I'm not giving up, though!). We took a selca when we were on the line for paying XD

I swear to God Buddha this is the first and last usamimi I will ever wear. Weird face but who cares, we both look derp XD

On Sunday I went to a flea market in the city with Lucas and Raquel. It's usually held once a month, and I try to go as much as I can. I brought my DLSR this time and I took really nice pictures ^0^ The day was kind of windy and cold, but there wasn't a single cloud in the sky and the light was great. Such a good way to spend a Sunday morning! :)

I just fell in love with with this Chow Chow puppy degfkiljhgfdsdfgjukijhgf ;A; He was so puffy and adorable! <3 

I regretted not buying those beige shoes or the blue Emericas... But I didn't have the money ;_; *sobs* 

Seriously considering buying a Polaroid when I go to Korea 

Raquel bought herself a bag and a pair of boots, and Luckie didn't buy anything! Later we walked around Las Ramblas (one of the most famous and crowded streets in Barcelona) and we turned right to carrer Ferran, where we stopped to have a tea and talk a little bit.

Once I got home I took a picture of my two purchases of the day: A spiky bracelet for 3€ and a Cambells Soup shirt for 2€ :) You guys like them?

And that's how I spent my weekend! Nothing else to say by now ^_^ I want to update with a photography post soon but I'll wait for more interesting things to happen to me lol XD I'll be enjoying my free time this week, so wish me the best on my responsabilities (sleep as much as I can to stay flawless and meet my friends now that I can!). I'll be starting my 2nd semester the 11th though but hey! It's still a long way, I have a few more days to procastinate and enjoy my freedom ;)

Thanks for reading, and happy Feb break to everyone! ;)



  1. <3 Barcelona... really my heart stayed there, I guess ;) Looks like you had a great day. I have still that old gameboy too :) Quit expensive for a flea market...doens't it?

  2. You are so adorable!(& so is that chowchow!)
    I miss those sort of flea markets! They always excite me ^^

  3. Lovely photos. And looking at that japanese food makes my mouth water!

  4. ohh the food looks delicious! yumm octopus balls :D and omg I totally had one of those game boys back in the days!

    1. Yeah me too! ^-^ Well... My uncle had one along with Tetris :P Remember how the scree was just green&grey? Haha


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