End of exams, shopping&food to make it up and less snail mail

Ican say I'm officially free :) Yes! Haha, I finished my International Relations project and I took my exam, so it's done. I'm pretty proud about that last one, and the results weren't bad at all either so... YAY me ^_^ Now it's time to rest for a bit until the new semester starts. 

One of the things I did once I finished exams was GOING SHOPPING. AGAIN. YES. I know, I shouldn't (???) but I just needed it >_< Good thing is (and turns out to be my legit excuse) I didn't buy ANYTHING from the newest collection haha, so everything are still from sales. Sales usually last a month in Spain, we have one round in January and a second one in July (for my birthday, YAY 8D). Anyway, I'm gonna show you what I bought this last week :)

I got this beige jumper in Pull&Bear (internationally speaking, it's just a Zara sub-brand). It was 9€ only and I fell in love with it, but honestly I hated those little pearls on the shoulders, so I decided I would cit them once I got home (since they were sewed). So that's what I did 8D 

This robot blouse is from Zara, and I knew it had to be mine since the first time I saw it <3 It's so geek and adorable I couldn't resist  it! x_x 

This is my first maxi-bag! Haha~ I really like it, and it's also from Pull and Bear. It was 6€ only! (and the original price was 30€, so I guess that was a good deal 8D). I can use it to go to uni too, it's so big it even fits my folder hah :) I'm proud of this purchase, definitely!

Last but not least, this sleeveless shirt from Pull&Bear too! It's the first time I get something spiked, and it was 8€ so I said, why not? :) One of the things I really want now is a spiked white headband ;_; I've been looking for it EVERYWHERE! I guess I'll check eBay if I'm lazy enough to go look for it to the city centre XD 

Also, I've been meeting my friends recently!

With Lukey this afternoon: We had (lol well, I had) a Caramel Frappé and a chocolate cake c:

With Raquel on Thursday: Typical Chen Ji menu, homemade noodles and xiaolongbao <3

With my cousin and auntie at Caelum (a cafeteria in Barcelona where nuns bake all the pastries) last Tuesday: More chocolate cake (melted with strawberry jam) and Jasmine Tea. Speechless <3

With Alex: Last weekend at George Payne's Irish Bar. Huge plate of nachos and BBQ chicken wings <3 What else do I need?

Good thing is... I have a b-day party meal tomorrow with some friends of mine ^_^ We're going to a Japanese restaurant and then to a Japanese bakery! I'm so happy awww, can't wait >_< <3

Also, I've been getting less and less mail those days. It's easy to see that I had to break up with several penpals of mine :\ But well, at least I got some cute things I really appreciate :)

I sent Alice (Taiwan) a pack with old coins my grandpa gave to me, so she "repayed" me sending tons of kawaii stationery and note pads ^_^ Thanks sweetheart! We can barely find such things in Spain, and the ones we have are pretty expensive >_< She also sent me a New Year's postcard, but I'll leave the picture for another post :) Also, she sent me fake money and the typical red envelopes ^_^

This is my first and last letter with Hannah (Macau). Her first letter got lost in the way and it took like 2 months to get her second letter :\ Also, because of the Korea thing. I'm happy I finally got it though! She also sent me a typical red envelope explaining why they're so important for Chinese New Year's ^_^ 

However, I got many postcards those last few weeks! I realized I should keep going with my collection over letters... :\ They're just random swaps whenever I have postcards available, so I guess it's easier to control rather than having tons of mail due to send asap. I'm still trying to save and I'll do my best from now on :)

Last weekend I was still on exams, but my mom was in a good mood or something (?) and she bought some quality beef to make some raclette at home. Raclette could be defined as "the European version of samgyeopsal" somehow haha, but instead of using an iron, we use a stone. Basically, it's stone-grilled steak at home :) My dad got one for his birthday and we use it once every month or two months.

Table set :) Mom also cut some veggies to grill with the steak (potatoes, green pepper, leek, onion, artichokes...). Olive oil, black pepper, salt and... Yumyum ^_^ 


My pieces of take, sliced potatoes and chopped artichokes 

Strawberries and Greek youghurt with sugar as a dessert! ;_____; <3

Well, and I guess this is enough for this last week I couldn't update :) I'm happy and relieved now! I should get ready for my 2nd semester but cmon... The weekend just started! I also want to go out at night with my friends (what a pity temperatures are dropping down tomorrow ;_____;!!!). Well, let's see what I can do! I really wanted to update the blog hah, I feel like I've been abandoning it these days and that's the least thing I'd do! Oh and, as you can see, I've changed the theme again XD Sorry about that lol but I don't feel like it looks professional... I want to change it but I don't know how ;_; I'm bad at those HTML thingies tbh... I guess I'll do something if this blog ever becomes popular! lol I realised my mom reads my posts too, she stalks me and tries to understand what I write, and she refuses to use Google Translate (good mommy!). Haha if you ever read this, thanks for reading mom! :D (lol this is lame -__-)

Can't wait to go to Korea so my life will be more interesting XD Today I've accepted my exchange place by the way! Now it's 100% official I'm going to HUFS! Yay :)

Have a Happy February you all! <3 I'll try too hah (I promise nothing ;D)


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  1. Muchas cosas lindas por hacer en febrero! Espero yo también hacer mi vida un poco mas interesante en este mes *O* toda la comida se ve estupendamente deliciosa! Y toda esta stationery es sumamente linda!


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