How I met my boyfriend

Hello my dear readers! ♥ As I said in my last post, this time I'm gonna write about how I met Peter. As you guys must know by now, Peter is my boyfriend and my other half! We've been dating for a year and a half now, and we're proud of how our LDR (Long Distance Relationship) is working so far. I want to share my happiness with you guys, so... Hope you guys enjoy my love story! Here we go...!

It all started the 28th October 2011. I was on my way to Jihyeon's birthday party, a Korean friend of mine living in the city. She had invited us to a party in her apartment, so I told my best friend Esther and I convinced her to go together. Sunjung (another friend) had said to me: "Yeah don't worry, I'll invite an American friend of mine so you don't get bored", and I thought "Great! Someone to practice English with!". When we get there our Korean friends had prepared some yummy food and we started eating ^_^

(I'm sorrounded by Koreans, lol!)

1h later (when I had forgotten that American friend of Sun) someone joined the party. He was an average-size Asian, brown skin and slanted eyes... People seemed to know him, so all I did was staring him from the distance (yes... Love at first sight, my readers! ♥) . Once he recovered himself after 1h and a half walking and finding the way to Jihyeon's apartment (lol) he kind of saw I was looking at him... I can't remember how, and when... But we ended up talking that night.

(I have proof! My bestfriend was c*ckblocking me in this shot though, haha).

(Photo of that night)

Two days later we had a Halloween Party, and well... We had our first date 4 days later ^_^ 

"My crush is kind of derp looking, but I don't care c:"

He was an exchange student in the city and he was going to stay until December (and November had just started! Q_Q)! I just said to myself "There's no way he falls for me in a month and a half... I should give up..." but he seemed interested in getting to know me more, so I didn't say no *giggles*

Everyone teased us all the time, they were all like "Aww you guys are so meant to be!" but I kept denying it all. But you see this picture? You see my right hand and his left hand...? We were holding hands under the table ^//////^

He went back to the US, but I couldn't stop thinking about him. So we decided to start a long distance relationship. I started saving up so I could visit him in July 2012 :)

Writing his name in snow, Paris (Feb 2012).

We started swapping packages with sweets and small stuff <: That was my first package from him! He sent me tons of Skittles, Doritos... And Mameshiba: Our beloved green pea-dog^_^

And finally... We met again in Baltimore, the 27th June 2012 :)

This year it's been his turn to come over, so we've waited a whole year to see each other again. We swapped packages in special occasions too (Birthdays, Valentine's, Christmas...), some love letters as well... And well, as you should've seen in my last posts, we're had the best summer ever! (:

Now we just made this video about our long distance relationship. He was supposed to leave home on Thursday but his flight got cancelled, so I thought... "Now that we have the chance, why not working on a video about us and our relationship?" So there you go, dearies! Hope you like it, and thanks for watching! ^_^

(PS. Sorry for the low quality video, but right now I didn't have either my DLSR and/or my laptop with me >_<)
(PS2. FYI he's not shorter than me lol he was sitting in a matress while recording the video... XD)

See you in a year ;) 

CL  Pete


  1. ohhhhhh you are so cute ^^ me encantó escucharlos hablar, éxito en su relación, la distancia es dura, pero se puede con ella :D un abrazo amiga.

  2. Cute story and very cute couple ^^

  3. Oh my! :') <33
    I do wish all the best for you both xxx

  4. Hola!!

    vine a traves del blog de patri, no iba a comentar pero vi este post pude evitarlo, me ha dado como penilla y nostalgia, porque yo estuve 2 anios y medio de relacion a distancia con mi novio (haremos en breve 3 anios) y leyendote me he acordado un poco de todo, el es de japon y yo de espania (no tengo enie, perdona) y hace ya 4 meses que me he venido aqui a osaka a estudiar y poder estar juntos. Supongo que te puedes imaginar las lloreras que me agarraba cuando venia de visita y tenia que volver a espania.
    Tambien nos mandabamos cosas en fechas especiales,a mi me gustaria haber mandado mas, pero nos salia tan caro...y eso que mucha sveces ni siquiera eran paquetes pesados o grandes.
    Me ha gustado leer esta historia y auqnue sea hasta dentro d eun anio cuando os volvais a ver...animo y suerte! =)


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