Time with friends and family

Brace yourselves you readers... The K day is coming (K for Korea by the way, lol)! So all I've been doing this week is meeting friends and some relatives to start saying goodbye, and well... Also because we have free time and we want to see each other, haha! It all started with the lovely Sunday lunch I had ^_^ My parents didn't feel like cooking (actually we've been eating out for 4 days straight!), so we decided to go to this fancy seafood restaurant near the port of Barcelona. When I mean 2fancy" I really mean it, by the way! I mean, you stop with your car in front of the door and they park it for you ._.''

Classic (?) 

Beautiful view! ^_^ 

As starters, we had "pulpo a la gallega" (I had a HUGE craving for pulpo!) and "rabas" (fried squid). 

 Main dish,  "arroz caldoso"! Yummy yummy!

Last but not least... Profiteroles with hot chocolate on top! I couldn't eat them because I've been kind of sick these days and my stomach felt kind of weird... ;_; But I would've loved to try them! 

I was feeling super sick, but I was supposed to meet with a friend and I couldn't say no to her x_x This friend is called Nozomi, she's a Japanese girl I met on Couchsurfing.org Couchsurfing is a website where you can find a place to stay in the country you're visiting for free. In a nutshell, it's just people offering a bed or a couch you can sleep in while you're abroad! Not only that, there's also people willing to show tourists around and be friends with them (just like me!). So I messaged her and she was more than happy to meet me ^_^

She came with Joa, her Venezuelan friend. It was funny how different we were the three of us: The European, the cute and polite Japanese and the extroverted Venezuelan, haha! But we totally hit it off. I took them to Santa Maria del Mar, one of the most famous churches in the city (built in the 12th Century) and then we walked around the city. I wanted to take them to Caelum (one of my favorite cafés in the city), but it was Sunday so most stores and places were closed -_-''). We ended up in the city having a Fanta.

Honestly I don't regret meeting them, they were super nice to me and they were very curious about the city. We didn't stop talking and it was nice to see they were willing to get to know me too ^_^ Hope  I can see them someday! About Nozomi, I would've liked to speak Japanese to her, but Joa was with us so I considered it would be impolite. I'd like to meet her tin Tokyo when I visit next winter! Hope we can make it. Speaking of Joa, she's a wonderful girl! :) She's an exchange student in Crete (Greece) and he's been to Marseille (France) before! It seems she loves traveling as much as I do, I'm waiting for her to add me as friends on Facebook so we can keep in touch. I wish her the best! ^_^

 I didn't do much on Monday morning, my parents and I mainly talked about things to do before Korea and getting a new phone for me (since mine is the crappiest thing and the battery lasts 3 hours). We did numbers, considering that I NEED a new phone over there... And we finally decided a Samsung Galaxy S3 would be the best choice. That afternoon I finally bought myself a new phone :__D I was so excited! It was expensive (my bank account still hurts lol x_x) but I bet the investment will be worth it :') ♥♥♥ Later that day I met Mariona and we had a real MURRIKAN dinner together (um well no, the rations would be bigger XDDDD).

Banana milkshake & Chilli hot dog with fries. No regrets. 

...AND ICE CREAM YAYYYYY! ♥ I picked grapefruit & strawberry c:

Then we walked around the city center for an hour or so. She's leaving to Taiwan as an exchange student instead, so we shared our thoughts  about the experience,  the problems we might face over there, how crappy our dorms are (hahahaha)... We're both excited but scared at the same time. She's leaving later than me (September) but she's nervous too! Let's see if she can come to visit me during our winter vacation... I'd love to hang out with her in Seoul! ;_; Sigh, I'm gonna miss this woman... ♥

Yesterday I had a great day too: I didn't stop doing things from 8 in the morning till midnight! I talked to Arnau when I woke up on Kakaotalk, we talked about his experience in Kyoto (he's studying Japanese there for a month) and he seems he's having so much fun. I envy him >_< Can't wait to go to Japan too!

Later we decided we could go have Korean food for lunch! I was super excited about it, since my aunt, my uncle and my cousin (who are pretty skeptical about Asian food for some reason) finally said YES! ^0^ Our first restaurant was closed for summer vacation, so we went to one I had never been to. The food was delicious anyway! We had so many things and we ended up super full, hah!

My uncle struggling with the chopsticks lol

Dak Bokkeum (stir fried spicy chicken with vegetables)

 Japchae (sweet potato noodles)

Bulgogi (grilled marinated beef)

Mom said "Look, I totally look like this Korean mask! Pointed nose and drooping eyelids" Haha.

Later in the afternoon we napped at home and around 7pm we met again to go shopping, I didn't buy anything but I regret it so much x_x (I might go back today let's see what I can find, lol). Later we went bowling. I hadn't gone for a long long time (4/5 years?) and I didn't remember how bad I was. lol. I was the 6th of 6 in the first round and the 4th in the second round -_- My family is super competitive, ugh... 

When the two rounds were over we realized it was 11pm already! So we ran to a bar and we had a huge hot dog with French fries. We totally needed it after all the effort in the alley! 8D

Jelly, huh 

Today morning I didn't do much, honestly I just hang out in bed until grumpy mom told me to wake up, lol. Then we went to a shopping center since she wanted to find something cute for this weekend (I'll tell you later)! We had lunch and he found what she really wanted ^_^  I fell in love with one of the stores she went to, there was a huge variety of stationery and cute tape... I couldn't resist it! 

Since I am not writing more letters for a while I decided not to pick anything snail mail related, so I ended up buying myself this cute notebook :) (The cover is made of cloth! I love it) ♥ And oh! Also a shirt from H&M, and two t-shirts and a pair of jeans from Zara!

Can't complain, it seems I'll be a fashionista in Seoul haha IN YOUR DREAMS CLAUDIA. Before that though, I'm spending a few days in Ariza, a 1200 inhabitants village in Zaragoza province (430km from Barcelona). Some friends of my parents have a house there (a real house, like made of stones!), so it'll be great to disconnect and have some time for myself. Also I'll have the chance to take lots of pictures with my beloved Nikon! It's gonna be awesome getting lost in a tiny village like this <: Also we're pretty close from Calatayud, this super beautiful municipality with thousands of years of history :) I've never been there and I love traveling, so I'm excited ^_^

Well, my moment is coming very soon! Are you guys ready? Hope you follow my adventures from now on! It'll be nice to keep you updated with all my adventures in the Land of the Morning Calm :)

See you guys very soon!


PS. Once I move to Korea I'll start writing my posts in bilingual! (English&Spanish) so more people can read them :)

PD. Una vez esté en Corea empezaré a escribir mis posts en bilingue! (Inglés y español) para que más gente pueda leerlos :)

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  1. ohhh yo estuve ahí en Barceloneta, al final de La Rambla, tu bella Barcelona :D


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