The Versatile Blogger Award: Seven facts about myself

Hello lovelies! How are you all doing these days? I'm just bored at home, waiting for Feb to pass and working on my Japan trip blog posts (4, 5, 6 and 7). However today I wanted to write about something different, just to change a little bit. Yina passed by my blog not too long ago and left me a very important prize... the Versatile Blogger Award, a prize you give to bloggers you follow and you enjoy reading. Thank you very much sweetheart, I didn't expect this at all! ^_^ So what is this prize about? You just have to share 7 facts about yourself and nominate other 15 blogs. I don't like doing that last part though, so I'll just write about those seven facts... Hope you enjoy reading it, and hope you find it interesting!

1. I love collecting stuff. Really, I just love it! :) My dad used to collect things like stickers or stamps back when I was a kid, so since I was young he always helped me when I wanted to start a new collection. I remember I finished my Pokemon sticker collection thanks to him, haha! Now that I'm an adult I have 4 collections: Postcards, guidebooks from places I've been to, notebooks and Starbucks cards.

2. I need sun, I just need it. I'm a very Mediterranean person (even though you would never tell for the super pale color of my skin, lol!), I get super depressed if I don't see the sun for 5 days straight haha! I love visiting places like the UK and Ireland (I've been like, 3 times now!) but it comes a point when I do not enjoy it as much as I can... Because the sun was missing all the time! :(

                                          My summer village in Northern Catalonia (north-east of Spain)

3. I'm a big foodie, and proud of it. And as a good foodie I was blessed with the power of eating as much as I can and not gaining a single kilo/pound. My weight it's been the same for 5 years now, and I can eat as much as an average male adult (wow I sound like some kind of overweight lion lol!).

                                    Tagliatelle carbonara my mommy made once... I miss her food so bad T_T''

4. I hate my name, I've always hated my name and I always will. But what I hate most is when people tells me "Oh, why you hate your name? I find it very beautiful". That really gets on my nerves. That's why I always use nicknames on Internet and many people calls me Nana instead of Claudia. Fun fact: "Nana" means "number 7" in Japanese, if you read Fact #4 you'll see I didn't pick this name randomly ;)

5. I love dogs, and I've wanted one probably since the day I was born. I've always begged my parents to get one, but they always said no. They've always considered an apartment it's not the best place to have a dog. Even though I've never had one though, I have a high knowledge of dog breeds: Back when I was a kid I read magazines about it and I wanted to be a vet. But just a dog vet, haha! My favorite breeds are (in this order) Welsh Corgi Pembroke, Shiba Inu, Pomeranian, Samoyed and Chow chow.

I took this picture of a Chow Chow puppy in a flea market back in Barcelona, one year ago <3 He looked like a baby lion/dog! <3

Now that I'm a grown up I also consider an apartment is not the most appropriate place to have a dog. Only if I had a big house with a backyard I'd consider having one :)

6, I love traveling! ^-^ No matter if it's by car, train or plane, I love seeing and visiting new places! I've been to many places in Europe (France, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, Croatia, Greece, Malta, the UK, Ireland...), Japan, the US (Washington DC & New York) and I'm gonna visit the south of Vietnam this summer. And obviously with this hobby of traveling comes along my passion for taking pictures!

(Photos I've taken during my trips around the world. From up to down: Dublin, Yokohama and Washington DC).

7. I don't have any brothers or sisters, but I have a cousin I love just like my sister. Her name is Sara, she's an only child just like me and we've been raised together almost, we've been to the same primary school and we even have friends in common!

We've always been super different, both phisically and phychologically (she's tall, light haired and dark skinned, I'm short, dark haired and pale as a piece of paper!). We're like cat & dog, we can't be together but we can't be apart. Even now that we're grown ups we hare our riff raffs from time to time, but nothing serious :) We love spending time together: Going shopping, baking, playing games or watching TV, going to the beach, sleepover... I miss her so much now that I'm in Korea,but I know I'll be back eventually!

Plus her birthday is in 10 days so... Happy 20th Birthday sis :) Even though I don't say it too often, I love you sososososososo much! *hugs*

Thank you again Yina for nominating me! Hope you all have a lovely month of February! <3 Love,



  1. Hola!!! Sóc la Vero!

    Jo també col·lecciono llibretes i tarjetes del starbucks XDD. No ho veia com una col·lecció, però se m'han anat acumulant...
    Una pregunta, vas aconseguir la tarjeta del nou any? La dels 3 cavalls? A mi se'm va passar i m'agrada moltíssim. L'estic cercant online però la penya posa uns preus flipants :O.

    1. Hola Vero :) La dels tres cavalls no l'he aconseguida de fet, visc a Corea (per tant és d'aquí) i no l'he vista en tot aquest temps, no sé per què! Així que jo tampoc la tinc :\ I si, a Ebay estàn pels núvols els preus! Ara tothom s'està tornant boig perquè després de Sant Valentí ve la temporada de les flors de cirerer i la gent ja s'està estressant per les tragetes de Crea i Japó amb les flors, a vuere si tinc sort i puc aconseguir-ne bastantes i fer-me d'or haha!

      Com i quan vas començar per cert? :) Perquè com les dues sabem, a Espanya no en tenen de targetes! Un petó, i gràcies per passar-te!

  2. What a lovely post! I've always liked these "tell some random facts about yourself" -challenges because it's just so great to know some "fun facts" about people .)

  3. Hola Claudia! ^^ Soy Andrea (la chica que se muere de frio por Lituania xD). Espero que todo te vaya genial :) Te escribo para decirte que ,al igual que tu, necesito sooool! (lo siento no pude evitarlo jaja) Me encantaron las fotos de Japón ^^ espero que disfrutases mucho :) un beso ^^

  4. I feel the same way about the sun. My skin craves the sun, and if it stays hidden for too long I become sad. I also collect things too. Post cards, tin cans, stationary. And that pasta dish is making me drool all over the key board. Kind regards ✿


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