2013: This year's overview and New Year's Resolutions

So, what about your 2013, readers? :) You guys have New Year's resolutions in your country too? We have em, of course. But I have a different method I have to say ;) What I usually do when the year it's over it's, I write three different kind of lists:

One, it's a list of good things that happened to me this past year. 

The second, five bad things that happened this past year. 

Then I think about all I've written so far and I think if I've really enjoyed this year. And finally, my resolutions! I try to base myself into the bad things that happened to me as I write them, so I can make them up somehow. Also it makes me think of how things have gone in the past 12 months, and what can I do about the bad things that happened to me (so I don't make the same mistakes anymore)!

You want to find out my resolutions? ;) There you go then, my three lists for this 2013 and this upcoming 2014!

5 good things that happened in 2013

-I made one of the most important decisions in my life: Moving abroad
-I started growing up not as a girl anymore, but as a woman
-I had the best summer ever thanks to my wonderful family, friends and boyfriend
-I met wonderful people here in Korea, and I got the chance to meet up with my Korean friends again
-Someone very important to me asked me if I would be his wife! ;) Hahahaha (I'm not giving more details!).

5 bad things that happened in 2013

-I lost two very important friends
-Due to some problems with some relatives in the past few months, I don't talk to one side of my family anymore
-I saw my parents exhausted of taking care of my grandmothers
-People who I thought I was friends with turned out to be nothing to me
-I'm still fighting for my long distance relationship with Peter (meaning we're not a normal couple yet).

2013 Resolutions:

-Become a grown-up independent adult (I moved to Korea, so I guess I'm on my way! :D). 
-Pass the CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English) exam (NO! And I never will hahahahaha).
-Save money (Well I got to Korea so I guess... Yes! :B).
-Gain weight (Nope...)
-Stay happy (Still trying to :)

2014 Resolutions: 

-Health and financial stability for everyone in my family
-Be responsible of my own money
-Make up my mind on what to do once I go back home
-Work hard on my research project
-Have a blast in Japan and Vietnam! :)

And this is all for now dearies! :) Hope you enjoyed reading this year's resolutions, and I wish you all the best of luck in this upcoming 2014! Do you share any of those resolutions with me? What do you think of mine? Feel free to comment below ! ^_^




  1. Te deseo un feliz año y que ojalá todos tus buenos propósitos (y muchos más) se cumplan!
    Besos! xx


  2. All the good things that happened to you sounded wonderful especially the last one. I like how you listed them here as we can always reflect, look back and learn from the bad. Life is a combination of up and down moments. I had two long distance relationship s, first one didnt work but the second did. We stayed in two different countries for about 2 years (and some financial damages from flying) and know exactly what you feel like. Stay positive and dont give up :)


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