Snail mail update

Hello lovelies, you might miss my snail mail updates, don't you? Haha well, sorry I've been kind of out of this world, but I've been updating my incoming and outgoing mail in my Instagram and I preferred to leave my blog for daily life / Korea stuff. However, I feel like I should write a little something today explaining how's my snail mail life here in Asia. First I'll start with my outgoing:

Anna's parcel came not so long ago. She sent me all this because I prepared a huge package for her in summer and Peter gave it to her in person (Good thing your penpal and your boyfriend are best friends hehehehe ♥). I missed her letters sososo much ;_; Also she knows how much I love notebooks... So she got me a vintage huge notebook I automatically fell in love with >_< LOVE YOU ANNA!

 Judy's letter arrived with this adorable bookmark, this Chinese papercut and a postcard She told me she moved into a new campus and things are going better with her 

I found out that Ploi from Thailand writes to a classmate of mine here in Korea! She knew both penpals of her were moving there as exchange students, but she never expected we would go to the same uni (and most importantly) we knew each other personally! XD What a coincidence, right?

 Taeko's letter from Japan arrived super late, since I couldn't contact her on Interpals to give her my Korean address, so she sent the letter to Spain and my parents had to send it back to me in a package (along with some winter clothes). Luckily we're in contact again now! ^_^

 Jennifer's letter from New Mexico (US) arrived the first week of October. She told me her trip around Spain and her visit to my hometown. Also we talked about our favorite series ending... Breaking Bad! 

Corey's letter from Singapore was the first one I got once I was settled in my dorms in Korea. 

Also when I moved to Korea I started penpalling with new people :)

Raquel from Barcelona but living in Stockholm, Sweden. I'm very happy I'm exchanging letters with her I speak with her in my native language, which is Catalan (along with Spanish, of course). I don't have many chances in Korea to speak it (since I just have a few Catalan friends) so her letters are always great to receive <3

Miranda from Alicante, Spain. We knew each other on IG for a long time, but when I moved to Korea we decided to become penpals. She's a very mature girl for her age (17) and we have many things in common! ^_^

Robyn is a Canadian (with Japanese origins) who loves Disney above all. I really liked her first letter, hope she gets mine soon!♥

Kimlee from Virginia is also one of my newest penpals. We had time to swap twice already! Haha. She sent me a first letter and then she sent me a tiny parcel with candies and Halloween stuff ♥ Thank you so much sweetheart!

Fariza from Singapore is one of my newest penpals too. We had been talking on Interpals since summer and when I moved to Korea I decided to ask her if she wanted to be penpals. She's 5 years older than me but we seem to get on very well, I'm so happy I met her!

Also I've done some postcard swaps (not many though, because I don't have many chances in Korea to buy postcards), but there you go:

I got this one from my cousin Esther living in Regensburg, Germany. We miss each other so much, but luckily we're gonna see each other in Christmas in Spain :') 

Ahreum from Korea (living in Japan) sent me this gorgeous view of Ginza, the "posh" neighbourhood in Tokyo. I'm so happy I'm still in touch with Ahreum after all this time talking on Interpals. Good thing is, we're gonna meet up in Tokyo when I visit in January! >_< ♥ I'm sooooo excited!

My friend and classmate Ilwen sent me this postcard from Tenerife, the Canary Islands. We usually swap postcards when we travel since we both collect them. What a good way to keep a friendship, right? ^-^ 

Jasmine from Australia sent me this lovely postcard in return from a Ghibli postcard I sent her from the Ghibli exposition I went in Seoul in September. 

Now I'm gonna show you guys the stationery I've been using now that I live in Korea. I haven't brought any of my stuff from Spain since that would imply taking lots of paper with me haha. Plus stationery is super cheap here in Korea, so I said "Let's do a stationery start-over there!" And that's what I did ;)

 New polka dot washi + green washi  Also I bought those Paul Frank color pens for less than a dollar! (0.70€). Everything is so cheap that you literally go crazy! XD That's why I need to be careful. 

Envelope sets

Letter paper sets

My new washi closer

And finally some little somethings I get for my penpals :) Cute pamphlets (like this cafe menu I found in a coffee shop in Gangnam called The Banana&Co), stickers, memos... And free samples! Every time you buy something in a Korean cosmetic store they give you free samples of their products! Koreans definitely love free samples haha, so that's also something I like sending to my friends. Korea is known to be a great, super cheap and high quality place to buy any kind of beauty products, so ... Why not giving them away as well? :)



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