The 10 best pictures I've taken in Vietnam

Hello everyone, and greetings from homeland Barcelona! I finally got back from my Asia experience, yay! In other words, I’m done with my life abroad (for now!) and I’m already settled down in Spain again. However, I still remember my life in Vietnam as if it was yesterday, and I cherished every single moment in there. That’s why I want to share with you all the best 10 shots I took in this beautiful country: The ten pictures I said to myself “Whoa, you did well in here Claudia!" :) So here we go!

(In no particular order)

1. Flowers in Peter uncle’s house. I’m not a fan of flowers as decoration in a home, but I just fell in love with this shot…! This wide range of colors with the plain color of the wall looks beautiful! :)

2. Peter and Davis (one of his cousins) carrying a pyramid of red bean buns to Grandma’s 70th birthday party. At first I told them to pose for me, but Peter gave me a Bulldog face so I told him off: “Noooo, don’t give me that face!” and he answered “But Claudia, this is heavy!” and both started to laugh. Aw :)

3. A baby in her mom’s arms, near our house in District 6. This is just a simple baby photo taken on the street, but for some reason I’ve always preferred taking photos of people instead of landscapes! This little chubby thing was literally staring at me (maybe because my skin was shining with the sunlight LOL haha), so I just picked my Nikon and SNAP! ;)

4. Mariamman Hindu Temple in District 1. I have to say this is not a perfect shot, since it’s rather dark (damn HDR…) and the temple is way more colorful than it looks in the photo. But I still like the texture of the facade and the way it stands out with the grey color of the sky! :) Can you see it?

5. Po Nagar Temple in Nha Trang. This was the first Cham temple I had ever visited, I was fascinated to get to know its history and analyze its architecture from the top to the bottom (An Art History lover right here, sorry! >_<). However it started pouring rain halfway the visit, so we had to run back to the bus. And unfortunately the pictures are the only thing I have left from it!

6. Fishermen boats in Nha Trang.  I'm so glad I got the chance to take shots of this beautiful and colorful fishermen boats! Since that day was pretty cloudy... You could stop by to fish if you wanted or pick some seafood and people would cook it for you! But Peter's family thought they would trick us with the price, so we said no :( Too bad!

7.Tom Ham Island in Nha Trang. Right after that boat ride and passing those bright boats we landed in Tom Ham, where we enjoyed this beautiful beach and the huge swimming pool they had. This shot is just perfect and it's probably the photo I'm most proud of, as you can see the reflection of the sky in the stairs :)

8. Pink dragonfruit. One of the things I did the most during my stay in Vietnam was tasting new fruit, not only because I didn't eat much back in Korea (and I was missing it badly!) but also because I always liked trying stuff I've never had before! And dragonfruit was certainly one of these things. I have to say it was rather tasteless despite its bright pink color... It seems Vietnamese just eat it for the texture and the freshness... But it wasn't too bad! 

9. Da Lat City. Looked like a modern jungle to me, a bunch of buildings, cars and motorbikes jammed altogether and connected by meters and meters of black wires... And this shot is definitely the best definition of it, haha. 

10. Forest near Da Lat City. I loved that shot really, I fell in love with this wide variety of colors that made this scenery look like a native American national park instead, haha. Isn't it hard to believe this is taken in a tropical country like Vietnam? Also I was surprised the weather looked kind of decent that day, compared to how rainy it was during our stay in Da Lat!

And this is all for now :) What is your favorite shot, and why? I still have some posts from Vietnam I need to write but it's too much work. Hope you guys understand! @_@ Give me some time please!



  1. Tia se't dona molt be la fotografia, m'encanten! :)

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